Universal : Instagram Style

About a month ago, we had the opportunity to do a long weekend away in Florida. One of the nicest things about all of Doug's travels is that we rack up travel points. Quick. So when we discovered he had a week long business event in Orlando, it didn't take much convincing for either of us to use the opportunity to have a family get away. Spencer and I flew down on Friday and met up with Doug, and then we spent the weekend at Universal Studios. We had been there in October for our family vacation (yup, still need to post about that ... sigh...) and we Spencer had such a wonderful time, we thought it was worth visiting again. (It should be noted that we offered up DisneyW0rld as an alternative, but Spencer was adamant that we go back to visit George and the Grinch. So we did! Here's a little sneak peek of our weekend:

{Watching the ground crew as we wait to board.}

{Those poor, poor airline attendants.}

{After take-off, we kicked back...}

{Enjoyed some soda while we reviewed our states...}

{And we even took a snooze!}

{Until some turbulence woke us and made us just a wee bit nervous.}

{In true Spencer fashion, we went from plane to pool. First, we test the waters.}

{And then we dive right in!}

{Before we knew it... Daddy was there!}

{We woke up bright and early on Saturday and hit Universal!}

{Spencer requested Seuss Landing first...}

{Where Spencer had no interest in smiling for the camera ... he had a fish to fly!}

{After Seuss Landing, we hit Mama's choice... Hogwarts!}

{And we shared a butterbeer.}

{Spencer tried to figure out what stunk...}

{As we made our way through the comics section of Universal}

{Taxi, anyone?!} Hint : Look closely!

{Are we having fun?!}

{What do you think?!?}

{Spencer had his first roller coaster experience... and second, and third, and 4th, and 5th... oh, you get it.}

{The result of a full day of Universal}

{How does one 3' kiddo manage to take up a whole king-sized bed?}

{A new day brings us to Rodeo Drive. My favorite faux-front. Obviously.}

{After Rodeo Drive, we hit Fievel's playground. Where the blur met ball pit.}

{Where's Waldo?!}

{We made some new friends...}

{And reconnected with some old ones.}

{Any park-goer knows you have to take a break occasionally.}

{Seasoned pro.}

{Daddy promised to keep us dry on One Fish, Two Fish. He did not.}

{Spidey-Spencey. He really, really wanted this... he didn't move a muscle!}

{Hitting the rides... again.}

{Sleepy Spidey}

{After a quick power nap Spencer is ready to splash Mama in Curious George's town.}

{All too soon, our time at Universal was done...}

{But the fun wasn't over yet! We were able to meet up with my high school friend Lori.} After more than a decade of not seeing each other in real life, we somehow manage three meet-ups in 6 months. Crazy!

{Jersey Girls & Spiderman... Just hanging out.}

{The next day we head back home... and that's all she wrote. Til the "real" post at least!}