Tales & Tidbits from Spencerland

First things first. Life has been pretty sweet these days. And I'm not referring to all the Valentine's Day candy. We're in a great spot with Spencer right now (sleep aside, as always). And there's so many funny things he's been saying and doing that I want to record every. second. of his life. I'm actually fighting a nasty cold this week and last and I actually forget about it because he makes me laugh so hard. Until I start coughing of course. We had an awesome, awesome day today. As he was falling asleep tonight he told me, "Mama, today was the best." Oh, so true little man... so true. •

A few months ago, Spencer started "camping" in our bedroom in the wee hours of the morning. We'd discover him when we woke. Or when he couldn't take the silence anymore, we'd wake to the sounds of him singing show tunes. Back then I quipped "Before we know it, we'll find him downstairs watching TV and eating cereal." Guess who I found raiding the cereal cabinet last week?! I guess that time has come.

When taking a bike ride a couple of weeks ago Spencer suddenly slammed on the brakes, slapped his hand to his [helmet-clad] head, and exclaimed "Oh maaaaannnn!!! I forgot something at school!" When I asked "What?!" in a slightly nervous manner, he responded, "I forgot to do dramatic play!" Oh, okay then. What does one say to that?! Luckily there was one more day of the school week!

On the flip side, when presented with a problem (like a spilled drink for example) he is very good at finding a solution (paper towels in this case) and then exclaiming "See?! Problem Solved!" (I know that he gets that from me, which makes it even funnier to hear.)

I just finished a project that has been on my knitting needles for two years. How sad. But I sure love how it came out!

There are certain things I don't like Spencer to walk around with. Breakable mugs, a cup with a straw, scissors... you get the drift. Normally, he stops as soon as I ask him too. Until the other day...

Me: I don't want you walking with that. Spencer: I'm not walking, I'm just taking three steps forward. Me: Sigh.

When we returned from Florida last month, we took a shuttle to the long term parking lot. On the shuttle was a nice gentleman that Doug had met while waiting to board. He asked Spencer if he had fun on vacation. Spencer looked at him, cocked his head to the side, and asked "Are you a stranger?" When he laughed and said he was, Spencer then responded "I'm not supposed to talk to you then." We all got a good laugh.

While out at dinner at our favorite local spot, the waitress (who knows us all by name) asked Spencer if he was going to work there one day. Without missing a beat he told her "I'll work when I am 21." (We'll see if he's singing a different tune once he needs gas money!)

Spencer continues to thoroughly enjoy gymnastics. And he's SO. GOOD. (It's not just me who says that!) It's so fun to watch him progress. I hope to write a full post on this subject, but for now, I share his newest gymnastic outfit. He wanted soooo badly to have one of the shiny glittery leotards like the other kids (all girls) in his class. A purple one. He told me, he told his teacher, he told everyone. I knew that wouldn't fly with his Daddy, but he's three, so does it really matter?! Luckily, we found a perfect compromise:

Isn't he just the cutest?! {wink}

Spencer: Mama, do you want to play school with me?! Me: Sure, do you want to play preschool?! Spencer: Not preschool! That's my life! I want to play first grade. I mean, do you know how hard that is?! {Said with palms face up, enunciating every word.}

There is no question Spencer understands that if he performs a sae bae (deep bow) on Seollal (Lunar New Year), he gets money. While in Target recently he was eyeing a toy. I told him he needed to buy that with his own money. (In other words, no.) A few aisles pass by, and then Spencer asks "Mama?" When I looked at him, he looked at me very seriously and said "I need some money, do you think I can sae bae again?"

Spencer has taken to calling everyone who he doesn't know by name, by descriptive words. Here's a few examples of what we hear:

Librarian : "Excuse me book lady" Cashier : "Excuse me money person!" And my favorite: "Excuse me chef!" (That one is obvious, right?!)

When the Superbowl Ads started leaking a few weeks before the big game, I watched the following one with Spencer. I posted the following statement on my Facebook wall: "I was giggling through this... And then the Roxy look-a-like walked on and I couldn't see the screen anymore. Still an awesome video." What I wasn't expecting was Spencer's reaction of "Is this doggie heaven?!" followed quickly by "Wait, why is Roxy dressed as a robot?" Which made me want to laugh and cry all at once. My friend Kelly pointed out that it was a pretty good vision, since she was having fun with her friends. Which is true. But I fear the day that Spencer asks if there will be any more videos from doggie heaven.