Jeremy Lin has kinda sorta been on my radar screen for a little while now, mostly due to the postings of Angry Asian Man. If you read my blog regularly, I probably don't need to explain why I took note. Asian American who went to Harvard playing basketball professionally + my smart Asian American kid who loves to play any sport = win win. Enough said. Right? (And I should note this is not the first time we've followed an athlete who is Asian, or Asian American, most notably is Shin Soo Choo.)So, Jeremy Lin's been on our radar screen. But, nothing was really happening, besides a lot of bench warming. Then, last Saturday, he literally exploded with a 25 point game, and Lin-sanity officially began. And we are caught right up in it! Last night he scored a career-high 38 points for the Knicks against the Lakers. Say what?! Nobody really even knew this guys name a week ago! Now they literally can't get the jerseys made fast enough. If you follow sports, you already know the story. If you don't, you can find some great articles here and here. And I think no one said it better than Angry Asian Man,  "Dare I say it, Jeremy Lin is the biggest sports story in a city that just won the effin' Super Bowl."

This morning, Spencer and I watched this montage from the game last night. Every shot Lin made, Spencer cheered. Lin is amazing player, the bonus for us is he's Asian American. He shows what hard work and perseverance can do, since I am sure he didn't wake up last Saturday with skills that he didn't have the day before. I don't know how long it will last, but for now we are fully enjoying the Jeremy Lin show!


{I should note that as I type this, Spencer has just made TWENTY shots into his five-foot high basketball hoop we have in the family room. Who knows, maybe in twenty years it will be the Spencer show!}