Take My Picture?!

I don't know if I've really gone into how amazing Spencer's memory is on this blog. It's insane what he remembers. Little details from months, even years, ago are recalled. He can remember exact street intersections in the city, how to get certain places, details of events and parties, and so many other things. (He even remembers things from before he came home... like I said, insane.) Over the weekend, we were driving into one of the cities by us, which happens to be where we had Christmas Card Photoshoot #1. Just as we pulled up to the cross street that would take us to where we took the photos, Spencer asked, "Are we going to do more pictures today?!" When we told him we were in the city for other things, he responded, "But I'm ready! Let's take those pictures!" As the day went on, Spencer kept asking. Just as we were about to call it a day, I asked "Did you still want to take your pictures?!" When he responded "YES!" I had Doug pull over and we scouted out this cool little building with a neat wood wall and a nearby sculpture. I mean, the kid wanted his picture taken... who am I to say no?! So here are some snaps from the day. While I wasn't really prepared for a photoshoot, but I did get some shots I'm happy with. And Spencer got his picture taken. That's what we call a win-win. (But from here on out, I will make sure to always carry a full wardrobe for any potential photoshoots. As well as all my lenses!)

{And yes, you may notice someone got a haircut. We went in and asked for a little off the sides and back... and this is what happened. Sigh.}