Remember when halves were almost as important as wholes? At least in terms of birthdays?! I remember having it figured out to the minute when I became 4- 6- 9- and a half. This morning I mentioned to Spencer that he was now three and a half... thinking he'd get a little kick out of it. Instead, he responded, "No Mama, I'm just three. Next I'll be four." Well, okay then! I went back to preparing breakfast and lunch for school and he went on doing what he was doing, which was apparently thinking about this whole "and a half" thing. After a few moments, he looked at me and asked "Mama, do half days get cake too?" I must not have had enough coffee, because I quickly answered "Well, I don't see why not?!" And just like that, Spencer was very into this "and a half" day. "I have an idea!" he exclaimed. "After school, we can go to the Muddy Moose and buy an ice cream cake for my half day!"

Hmmm... I had kinda hoped he had forgotten about those.

"And you know what else!?" he asked.

"What?!" I replied {insert the sound of foreboding music here.}

"You can find a tiny, live moose for the top of my cake... and that can be my half day gift!" he answered.

Sure.... let me get right on that.

Now, while I'm not sure I can deliver on the tiny, live moose... I do think I can wrangle up something fun for my three and a half year old.... although I better get moving!

And, since you know I love a good walk down memory lane... here are some "and a half" shots of the past...

{Spencer @ 6 months... care of his Foster Mother.}

{Spencer at 1 and a half}

{Spencer @ 2 and a half}

{Spencer @ 3 and a half!}