New Year, New Goals... and One Little Word.

Last year, I made a list of improvements for myself for the year (for the first time in a long, long time). Last month, I evaluated how I did. Overall, not too bad... but there's always room for improvement, right?!

Now I find myself making another list for the new year (a wee bit late), and migrating from improvements to goals. I feel like the items I've come up with are a little more of a work-towards-it-then-check-it-off kind of variety rather than an overall stepping up of a skill. I've been working on this list of goals for a couple of weeks now. I want to make sure it's enough, but not too much. (I love a challenge but hate to fail.) Like last year, I'm looking at areas where "I could do better" and where I would like to do better. Regardless of whether I want to do these or need to do these, the following goals are aimed at mind, body, and soul... and improvements to all.

1. Learn Korean. Okay, okay... I realize I'm not going to learn a whole other language in the span of a year. Let's face it, if I couldn't grasp conversational Spanish in three years, I won't get anywhere near conversational Korean in one. But I'm going to see how far I do get! In a year and a half, we'll hopefully be ramping up for another trip to Korea. How amazing would it be to express myself to all the people who have touched the lives of my children?!

2. Run a Half Marathon. I'm not even sure what inspired this one.  Part bucket list, part inspiration from others, part late night inspirational reading. Whatever it was, it resulted in an athletic commitment larger than I've ever taken on. You may recall that I've said I really don't like running. And I don't. But I do love a challenge, and I also love having a large goal to train towards as we go through the process for #2. (Yes, the decision had a lot to do with the decision to adopt again, I know that... but I'm still surprised that I'm doing it.) It's time to go big or go home.

3. Be a Better Blogger. Yup, this one looks familiar... I failed on this last year. So it's back on the list. And a higher priority. This may mean some random reminiscing posts... but that's ok, right?!?! This is the only journal/scrapbook I have for Spencer... so it's pretty important to me. It also serves as my memory more often than I want to admit. {And one day I will get it printed and bound for him. Maybe when he's in college?!}

Speaking of last year's lists... there are two "sorta" improvements I'm including. I feel like I made such significant headway on these areas last year, I don't want them to get brushed aside. So they stay on the list.

4. Improve My Photography. As I mentioned above, there's always room for improvement. I want to keep upping my game and keep learning. I'd also like to find a way to bring my photography to others. Maybe notecards under the leapfrog lane brand? I don't know. Until I figure that out, I'll make sure to keep bombarding you all. (I hear you all groaning!)

5. Keep on Cooking! A couple of people have asked me if I thought it was worth it to focus on this last year. In short, absolutely. What a difference it made in our lives here. I want to keep on trying new recipes and new ideas. I'm not sure if I'll keep it up to the one a week pace... or if I'll need to do something else like "One vegetarian meal a week." Or maybe I work my way through the Kimchi Chronicles or Momofuku cookbook in "Julie & Julia" style?! Hmmm... Any thoughts?!

I love the new year. I feel a new sense of energy in the air. The slates have all been wiped clean, and it's time to not only reflect, but to think about where we hope to be in a year. Which brings me to the next part of this post. My One. Little. Word. For years, I've been watching fellow bloggers choose their One Little Word, but have always been too chicken nervous to choose my own word. This year is different. A word, although somewhat normal and obvious, came to me out of the blue at the end of last month. The more I sat with it, the more appropriate it seems. My word?


It applies to so many areas of my life right now. It encompasses so many hopes and dreams. It sums up what I want for the year. Yes, I guess it could be applied to any year for any person... but this just feels right. I hope to grow my family, my business, my skills ... but mostly, I hope to grow where I am planted. Or better yet, bloom.

How about you? Do you have a list of resolutions/improvements/goals?! Or a little word? Do tell!