Tales & Tidbits from Spencerland

{The last one of the year!}

I've heard that the changes between 3 and 3.5 are insane. I had a hard time grasping that whole notion... but now, I find myself saying the same thing... two weeks shy of Spencer's 3.5 birthday. The changes we're seeing in him are astounding. How does this happen?! So to end the year, I bring you a long overdue installment of "Tales & Tidbits" along with a cute (well, I think so) series of photos from a recent photo shoot he and I did.

Let's start with some stats. November was the month of the "growth spurt." In the beginning of the month, he checked in at 34.25 inches and 25 pounds. In one week, he added a pound *and* 3/4 of an inch! We were blown away. Only to be left even more shocked when he grew another half an inch and added on another pound, literally, overnight. Literally. During the last week of the month, we blinked and he grew another quarter of an inch and another .5 pounds. That brings him to just shy of 36" and 27+ pounds. The best part of this is that it puts him firmly on the growth chart, and defines a somewhat "questionable growth curve." This issue has come up from referral review to our most recent pediatrician appointment. And while it was never classified as a "problem" it was always something to "watch." I cannot wait for the next check-up. Watch this, medical professionals! The only "downside" to all this was the sleep that happened from all this. We thought we had finally found the magic sleep solution for Spencer. Uhm, no. Regardless... I will take it! And what does Spencer tell everyone!? "I growed. I big now."

In addition to this physical development, we've seen a ton of mental development too. While I know he's always taking things in, it's rare that we have a long run of improvements. Lately though, I feel like it's been leaps and bounds...

While he still can only recognize a handful of letters (and write even less), he can name and locate on a map a bunch of states. These include Florida, Texas, Michigan, California, Washington, Pennsylvania, New York and Massachusetts. He can also tell you who lives where.

He also knows all his months and days of the week (in order). Shocking since most days he refuses to count to 20.

And while I'm bragging (it is his blog, right?!), he's starting simple math on his fingers.

Other achievements include being able to dress himself, from start to finish. He can pick out his clothes, put them all on, and *almost* completely tie his shoes... that last loop through can be tricky! He also gets all jacket zippers and snaps on his own. Do you know how much time this has freed up for me?! It's a whole new world! Somehow, we still take forever to leave the house in the morning though.

This past season, we enrolled him in gymnastics. You may remember, I really struggled with what to enroll him in. I followed my gut and am so glad I did. While Spencer has always been passionate about life in general... I never really felt like he had his "thing." You know, some kids are rockers, some are soccer players, some are all about trucks while others are all about trains. While Spencer certainly loved all those things... we finally found a thing that he loves (and asks for all. the. time.) but he's also really good at it. Yes, I'm his Mama, so of course I would say that... but the owner of the gym actually pulled me aside at the last class and said, "You know, your son is good. Like, really good. You need to know that. You also need to know he has a permanent grin on the whole class." (Remember, we parents can't see the classes. Also note, we'd already signed him up for the next session.) Later, I was able to go back and see a little "exhibition" of the skills they learned. I'm pretty sure my jaw was on the ground. He did a series of sit ups and push ups (better than I can for sure), followed by a handstand, and a series of "obstacles." I then got to see his skill level on the different apparatuses. The things that blew me away most were the bars where he could hold a "pike" as well as pull himself up and over the bar, and the beam, where he could mount and cross the highest beam level and then dismount. (This was when I almost passed out.) Not in the curriculum in his level is hula hooping. That didn't stop him though. According to reports from the teacher, he routinely picked up random hula hoops on the obstacle course and did it. For seven-eight revolutions at a time. I was like "Oh, sorry he's not listening." Until I was told that apparently, three year olds aren't supposed to be able to hula hoop like that. Oh. Now why are things like this in the "What to Expect... The Toddler Years"??? Next session, they may try to amp it up a little to keep him challenged. As long as this doesn't result in him flipping off the couch.

OK, enough bragging. If you made it through all that without losing your breakfast, you deserve some comedy. Here's some of what Spencer's been saying these days...

"This is the BEST!" This could be anything from the snack he's having to the newest game he found on the iP@d...

"That looks preeeettttyyyyy yyyyuuuummmmmmyyyy!!!" Words that make this Mama's heart swell. Especially when it's followed by clearing the plate.

One day, after a particularly messy play session, I suggested cleaning up. Spencer's response?! "Mama, that's impossible." Followed by, "I think you need to handle this one."

A couple of weeks ago, my friend came over with her kids while Spencer was at school. I forgot to clean up the toys before Spencer came home though (oops) and Spencer came in, surveyed the damage and exclaimed, "What happened here?!" I answered that Baby B had come over, omitting that his two older brothers were also there. Spencer took a beat, then put his hands on his hips and stated, "Mama, this mess seems bigger than him. You sure he didn't have help!?"

Spencer's very into hair product these days. Every morning, he comes into our bathroom, takes a look in the mirror, then determines if his outfit requires hair styling. We often hear "I look pretty nice today... I need my hair spray!" When did he become a teenager?!

In addition to his mature views on hair product... he's also apparently very responsible. Often I hear "I'm responsible... you may go, I'll stay here." This happens when I'm ready to leave the house and he's not, or when we happen to pass the toy aisle in Target and he wants to peruse.

"I'll supervise you." This started in reference to my coffee making. Spencer is well versed in making aero press coffee (no, really!) but there are days that I just want to get the coffee in the system ASAP, and not deal with the production of him doing it. So he took on a supervisory role then. Now, "I'll supervise you" applies to many things in life... including cleaning up his toys. Sigh.


"It says 'Not Yours'" ... overheard while he was checking out the presents under the tree. Need I say more!?

"There's a naughty list and a nice list. I be on the nice list."

"I missed the gun." (aka "I jumped the gun.")

"Mama, let's go to the movie ater. [theatre]"

The other day, Doug reprimanded Spencer for poor behavior. Spencer turned around, looked him right in the eye and broke into "You're a mean one, Mr. Grinch" in perfect baritone. Luckily I was in the other room so he missed the shaking of my shoulders indicating I was hysterically laughing at him.

"Bye Miss Katie! Thank you! Next time I visit I won't spray your carpet with paint!" I wish there were some mixed up words here... but, no, he really did spray her carpet with paint. It kind of had that 80's splatter paint look. Thank goodness Miss Katie is really low key and just responded, "It's all good..."

"I'm bizzy [dizzy] now..."

And, a perfect ending for this way-too-long-post:

When Spencer and Doug went downstairs the day after Christmas, Spencer gasped, then exclaimed "There are no more presents! Where'd Christmas go?!"


 Happy New Year Everyone!