Not the Shot

Every year, people tell me "Oh, your son is so photogenic!" when they receive our holiday card. Or "Oh, you are such a good photographer!" Both of which may have some truth to them... but it also involves a LOT of shots, and a LOT of luck. This year, it took three separate attempts to get the perfect {by my standards} shot. Following are some of the shots that didn't make it.

The first attempt, we were in the city for. I really wanted to have a more urban backdrop for the original card concept... My rookie mistake was that I attempted it on an already busy day, when we were quickly losing light. I also thought having Doug there would help, but it just turned out to be a distraction for Spencer. Hence the reason he's not looking at the camera in a lot of these...

{Stand where?!}

{How do I look?!}

{Alright, let's do this thing!}

{This is the best I'm going to give you today... you should know that before you take 118 more photos.}

{Oooo - bucket truck.}

{I'm supposed to wear it like this?!}

{Not this?!}

{What's a rat pack again???}

{Maybe a change of hats will bring better results...}

{See, I'm much more cooperative in this hat!}

{I'm so happy I could boogie woogie woogie...}

{I'm not sure this says "Christmas Card Photo" location}

{Im feeling like I should GQ it here...}

{You gotta work, work it girl... Do your thing.}

{I'm over this shoot.}

*   *   *   *   *

Oh, it wasn't over. I know Spencer thought we got "the" shot... and honestly, a couple of those could have worked. But it had been such a frustrating shoot that I felt the complete opposite of "joy" while looking at them. For that reason alone, I couldn't stomach them being on our card.  This time I stuck closer to home and went to a local reservation that still had some nice evergreen foliage. Unfortunately, just as we got out of the car, the skies opened. Which was ironic since there was not a cloud in the sky when I started getting him dressed.

*   *   *   *   *

At this point, most sane people would have chosen a shot from the first shoot and called it done. I never said I was sane though!  So we tried again, in our own backyard. What a difference! We had more fun, we got better shots... and no one was in tears at the end! Even the outtakes are more fun, don't you think!?
{Photo one of the day. Are we done now?!}
{Mama, you hear that?! I think it's a dinosaur!}
{I'm too goofy for this shoot, too goofy for this shoot...}
{This was all Spencer.}
{Mama, how can I pay attention to you when there is a creepy crawler right here?!}
{The Signature Spencer Smirk}
{Santa's coming?!}
{Hmmm... I wonder if he got my letter yet.}
{Now, I'm going to practice my "teenage smile"...}
{In a few years, this will be all you get. Prepare yourself.}

*   *   *   *   *

 At this point, I really could have called it quits... but he was still willing so we moved to a new spot, and kept shooting...
{Oh, I should just look cute? How's this?}
{I don't see any elf in your camera. Why must you keep asking?!}
{I rock the silly smile...}
{Oh, that's not what you're looking for?!}
{Hmmmm... And no, I still don't see the elf in your lens}
{How about I laugh?!}
{No? How about I stick my tongue out?!}
{Oh, just smile nicely?!}
{Do I need to worry about the cat behind you?!}
{OK, one last shot!}
{We're done now, right?!}
*     *     *
Whew! If you made it all the way through that, you could probably use a {spiked} eggnog!
Happy Holidays Everyone!
[No, none of the above shots were *the* shot. That photo you will see in a few days...]