Perfectly Average?

Earlier this year, I made a list of improvements for myself. As the year {quickly!} comes to a close, I find myself reviewing that list and assessing how I did. As honestly as possible. I'm actually not surprised by the results. I wish I could say I surprised my self and did better than I ever could have imagined... but, no. Not really. Following is a quick recap of the list, and how I did. This is honestly more for me than anyone else, so feel free to skim. {wink}

1. Email Management. Oh boy. I feel like this was a roller coaster for me. Several times during the year, starting on June 30th, I reached  "Inbox 0" - unfortunately, I never managed to stay there. I was as high as 80 at times, and currently hover at 10-12. Not bad considering I started the year out with hundreds that required my attention.

2. Blog - On Time. Here's where I get a big, fat fail. Do you remember the post of Spencer's party in July?! No? Point proven.

3. A Photo a Day. I did it! I missed a handful of days... but I did it! What I did not do is stay up to date on my journaling of said photos. Want to know how far behind I am?! 29 weeks. Oy.

4. Focus on Photography. And here's where I get an A+! I definitely feel like I did this... I took classes, I became more aware, I invested in some new equipment... all in all, I feel like this may be one of my best improvements of the year.

5. Get my Business {really} Going. Uhm. Huh. I did. To the point where I had to say "Whoa!" and run in a corner and hide. I'm currently re-assessing how to move forward (and not burn out in the process) in the new year. I have some pretty fabulous (if I don't say so myself) ideas that I'm mulling over. I guess we'll see...

6. Laugh More. I did! But still a work in progress. Very much a work in progress. It seems to come down to making more time for me. Funny how that works.

7. Get Into the Kitchen. Oh boy, did I ever! This is what I would consider my other "best" improvement of the year. I stuck with trying a new recipe a week... some weeks I was up to four. Some were duds, but that's to be expected. Most were hits. Unfortunately, this is probably why I hit my highest weight in a loooong time a few (7) weeks ago. Oh well... I guess I have one item on my next list of improvements?!

8. Organize My Life. hahahahahahahahahaha. Yeah... riiiigggghhhht. 

So... where does that leave me?! I think I did ok. With the exception of Item #2... I did actually make improvements across the board. So I guess it was a success?? I'm aggravated I dropped the ball on the journaling of the Project 365. But there's still a week and a half left in the year, right?!

I'm already thinking about my list for this coming year... What's going on your list of improvements next year?!