Not only is the post title a quote from one of the best movies ever, Elf, it's also what Spencer declared upon turning the corner in the mall and coming upon "The North Pole." {And he gave the elves working there quite a giggle.} There was no line, so Spencer immediately hopped up on Santa's lap and proceeded to tell him "I'm a good boy Santa so you are going to bring me a real blue motorcycle and a helmet, and some books." Santa, God bless his soul, tried to see if there was anything else on Spencer's list. You know, something more reasonably priced perhaps?! To which Spencer responded "Nope, I think that's good!" And when questioned if he's sure he's being a good boy, Spencer looked at him in disbelief and asked "Isn't the elf [on the shelf] telling you that?!?!" Does anyone else feel like we now need a little cheat sheet we fill out for Santa?! Like when you enter the line, you enter the info in a kiosk that displays everything on a teleprompter?! You know, the basics... Child's Name? Elf on the Shelf participant? Elf's name? Santa video recipient? Some of you may remember that we had many, many visits to Santa's "mall office" last year. Being a seasoned pro at this whole Santa business, Spencer got the whole "smile nicely for the lady taking the pictures" out of the way right off the bat. Luckily, as Santa and Spencer continued to chat, she kept clicking, and we got this year's keeper:


{I can't even tell you all how much I love this photo.}

And since I can never resist a good flashback series...

{First visit to see Santa - 2009}

{Second visit to see Santa - 2010}

{Fifth (?) visit with Santa - 2010}

{Visit #I-lost-count, the last one from 2010}

And, of course, there was the whole "Santa, hold you!!!" episode last year...

I guess it's safe to say, Santa is one cool dude around these parts!