This & That

I have a whole lot of work I should be doing right now... but I'm desperately in the need of a "mental clutter clear-out" ... so here we go. (And I just realized that all this took place in the last week... craziness!) First up : Spencer. Spencer is recovering quite nicely from surgery and we are starting to introduce activities back in little by little. And by that I mean he's quickly wearing me down and I've allowed pretty much everything on the "do not" list by this point. I was told over and over again that as a side effect of the surgery, he would slow down. That didn't happen. At all. So we were left with a crazy three-year-old with too much energy. Suffice it to say, I'm glad that's over!

He received lots of love during his recovery, but this awesome get well card from a friend tops his charts. I swear, Pororo is an obsession of his lately! It's stored in a "very safe" location now. I'd be worried if I didn't know how much Spencer loved Pororo. I actually do believe it's somewhere where no harm can come to it.

In other Spencer-related news... we finally, finally, finally got his Certificate of Citizenship! This was the last piece of paperwork we needed. Our date to appear was exactly 4 years, 2 months, and 2 days after the first piece of paperwork, our application to adopt, was submitted. Holy long process batman! And for those of you tracking these things, the date was 11 months after submission of COC application. Funny... the check was cashed in 11 days. Why the extra ten month and 2 week wait people!? Ironically, Spencer did not need to go to the Dept. of Homeland Security with us. So we kept him in school and enjoyed a delicious lunch at this bakery after.

This was the quote of the week... which I think is so appropriate for anyone in the adoption community, no?!

Never fear, we also celebrated as a family after school that day by going out to dinner at the always delicious P*F*Changs. Uhm, yum.

{Salt & Pepper Prawns... one of my all time faves!}

{Hey! That's my soup!}

{Mini desserts... brilliant!}

I laughed out loud when I saw this as my fortune:

'Cause less that 24 hours later...

That's right, I went Black Friday shopping! For the first. time. ever. Don't we look possessed by the idea of good deals?! We totally were. Katie (in the center) was the true pro and guided newbie Erin and I through the ins and outs of the night. We got to T@rget at 7:30 pm for the 1:00 am open. Oh yes, we were those people. You happen to be looking at the 30th, 31st, and 32nd person to enter the store. Were good deals acquired? YUP! We all got the doorbusters we were hoping for. And we looked oh-so-cute too. See the matching shirts?! Katie bought them, but I dolled them up a little:

(Please ignore the bulk... we have our winter jackets on under those!)

Unfortunately, the line at ToysR*Us (on the far side of the building) looked more like this at 2am:

BUT, amazingly... we got all our doorbusters there too! Woot! (And I totally caught the bug... that shopping high is addicting!)


With having to lie low after surgery, I made a whole lot of yumminess here...

{Rainy Day Chili}

{Mac & Cheese with Crumbled Bacon}

{Korean Beef BBQ Tacos... with pickled cucumbers!}

(I owe a few of you recipes, they are coming... I promise!)


The other big happening in Spencer's world was that Doug went in to read to his class! All parents are welcome to come share a little about what they do with the class through a story or a craft. Since 3 year olds probably aren't going to be able to grasp what Doug does (heck, even adults don't!) he opted for a book about New York which is where he often travels to on business. He brought in one of his and Spencer's favorites, "A Walk in New York" by Salvatore Rubbino. To complete the theme, I made some "Big Apple" cupcakes with Spencer for him to share. We all enjoyed this opportunity. I was later told that Spencer "radiated" all day. Clearly, we'll need to do this again!

And since this has been really long... and I fear a little "dry"... a few funnies:

The Elf on the Shelf is back. With pretty much the same level of "success" as last year. {sigh} When asked about whether the elf is going to tell Santa if Spencer was "naughty" or "nice," Spencer always replies "Nice!" Even after intentionally committing a crime right in front of the elf. One morning Doug's frustrated response was "I guess we got the blind elf." Hysterical.

Spencer has entered the complimentary stage. He's always been complimentary... but it's to a new level now. I often hear "I love your hair Mama!" or "I love your shirt Mama!" or "You're so beautiful Mama!" or "This is delicious Mama!" He's yet to use it to butter me up though, so I'm still appreciative. {wink}

Also big is the "You understand me?!" There are days where I feel like I'm raising Tony Soprano.

He's also quick with the comebacks. Today I asked "Do you hear me asking you to clean up your toys?!" To which he responded, without missing a beat, "Do you hear me saying not yet?!" Oy. I'm in trouble.

And lastly... it's the time of year to "elf yourself" which we did. {see below} Which means Spencer is running around saying "ef me Mama, ef me!" Not because he can't say elf... he can... but because the first time I said it he thought I was saying "F," not "elf" and I laughed a little too hard. Now he can't stop trying to get the same reaction. Lovely.