Super Trooper

{This post really should have been written last night... but I had nothing left to give by the time we got S to bed} First, thank you all for the comments, messages, emails, calls, and texts.... both leading up to and during the surgery. And, of course, thank you for the thoughts and prayers yesterday.

All in all, it was a success. The procedure itself went great with none of the potential complications arising. We got there, checked in and were in pre-op very quickly. Spencer had a little bit of difficulty during the pre-op time, but that was because he simply didn't appreciate or understand that every person who was involved had to come over, introduce themselves, and discuss the role they played. At 7:15, we were ready to go back. He was rolled back in a pediatric crib (which was kind of a strange sight), waving and smiling to everyone we passed (which was a funny sight). He was given nothing beforehand, so he was his normal self, asking questions the whole time. Once inside the operating room, they transferred him onto the surgical table, and everyone introduced themselves to him. They gave him the "smelly mask" (aka the "sleepy gas") and he grabbed on tight and took three deep breaths and was out. (No rolling eyes, thankfully)

The surgery was exactly the length of time they predicted. They rolled him into recovery and one of the nurses left to get me so they could start to wake him up. Imagine our surprise when we returned to find him sitting up, asking questions of the nurse who remained. (It took maybe 5 minutes to get me.) He was asking for a drink, so they got him a drink and an ice pop, both of which he made short work of, while inquiring what every. single. thing. in the recovery room was. He woke really quickly and easily (typical of our 0 to 60 mph in no time flat kiddo) and we actually moved to the second recovery room in under ten minutes.

And then it all began to fall apart. He woke up really quickly, but the pain also set in really quickly. And because he went through the first phase of recovery so quickly, he wasn't even in the pharmacy system yet. So when the pain hit, and they went to get him codeine, they had to wait. And then we had to wait for it to kick in. All while he was screaming and crying at the top of his lungs "I hurt!!!" It was horrible. And because of his stitches, we couldn't really hold him or snuggle him. Plus, he was pissed... he wanted nothing to do with that. He also has some sensory/tactile issues, so nothing was comfortable... not the gown, not the jersey sheets, not the blankets... he ended up standing on my lap while I held him and he just screamed. Horrible. It felt like an eternity, but it was really only 30-40 minutes.

The meds finally kicked in and we were able to get him to sit and watch some Curious George on the iPad while he ate his weight in popsicles. Unfotuntely, the meds only took the edge off and he was still pretty uncomfortable. But he continued to proceed through recovery quickly and we were released earlier than expected.

We got him home and set up in our bed and gave him some lunch (which he chowed down) and Motrin (which actually seems to work better than the codeine) but Motrin hypes him up, so it was a struggle to even get him to watch a few episodes of his shows. And while Motrin worked better, it still wasn't making him comfortable. By three, we ended up having to take him downstairs where he proceeded to act as if it were "business as usual" ... which is great to see from one standpoint, but we were really hoping for a nap from the healing/escape from the pain angle. Because while he may have been playing, he was also still in a lot of pain (and made sure to verbalize it)... and last night was rough. (The past 24 hours brought me back to the dark days of teething. A lot of pain, and nothing could take the edge off.... which results in a very angry kiddo, and a Mama who would give her right arm to just. make. it. better.)

Today seems to be a little better, and we've been dosing Motrin as soon as possible, so it's keeping the pain to a more manageable level. But, Spencer being Spencer doesn't realize that "taking it down a notch" might be a good idea and there's been a lot of bumps to the stitches which results in an ugly scene. As I type this, we're through the first 24 hours, and now working on the second part of 48. The pain is supposed to be significantly less once we get to that point. Here's hoping!