What... you didn't think I was going to skip posting about Halloween, did you?!?!

This year, Spencer was adamant that he was going to be Curious George. I got lucky when I stumbled upon a really nice monkey costume at TJM@xx. (Which has provided our costumes all three years now.) I then went about making him "Curious George" with a custom red shirt, complete with "curious" on it. Cute, no?! I attempted to remove the tail from the costume, since the real Curious George has no tail... but Spencer wasn't hearing of it! So the tail stayed. As he put it, "Well, this George has a tail!" Easy Peasy!


But, every Curious George needs a Man in the Yellow Hat, right?! This was when the real work began. Vats of yellow dye to turn white shirts and khakis into the appropriate hue of yellow. Custom tie creation... and of course, the yellow hat! I was pretty impressed with this costume creation if I don't say so myself.


At this point, I thought I was done. And then my friend Katie pointed out that I really need to round out the trio with a Professor Wiseman ensemble. Luckily, I had most of the pieces in my closet already. The purchase of a wig and "dork" glasses... and wha-la! Costumes complete! Whew.


In true "Christine" fashion... I finished in the eleventh hour, just in time for the celebrations. Spencer had a party at school the Thursday before Halloween. I was able to go with him since it wasn't one of his "scheduled" days there. It was fun to see him with his little friends. There were special snacks, dancing, games, and trick or treating! It was fun to see him in his environment. (Especially when he was the very last child at the snack table, methodically eating his cookie and juice... apparently, this is the norm. Which was shocking for me, since it's the exact opposite at home!)



{I love how he still looks like George, even without the "monkey hood"}

The next night, we saw some pumpkins at one of our favorite restaurants. There were 200+ pumpkins, all carved by the staff and their friends! So unique...








The last pre-Halloween event was a walkabout in a nearby town. The shops on the main street handed out candy and everyone got into the spirit... kids, adults, dogs... all in costume! For a kiddo who very quickly grasped the "trick-or-treat" concept last year, he didn't pick it back up again this year. We had to settle for a "thank you" after a treat was placed into his stuck out bag. Luckily, he's pretty cute and his smiles gained him a lot of forgiveness...






And then it was time for the big day! As in years past, we headed out to our neighbors for a pre-outing dinner and some play. Around here, trick-or-treating doesn't happen until it gets dark, so this party is a great way for the kids to burn off some of the hyper energy! It's also a waaaayyy better way to wait than pacing in front of the door, right?!



After the party, Spencer and Doug went off to trick-or-treat, and I headed home to hand out candy next to our theme-appropriate jack-o-lantern (my second ever... and perhaps my last).



After making their way around {most} of the 'hood... the boys returned home where they enjoyed handing out candy to other trick-or-treaters. Most of whom were tickled to get candy from Curious George and the Man with the Yellow Hat!


{Checking out his loot}

Happy Halloween from all of us, to all of you!


{photo courtesy of  jennifer lima photography}