Race for Hope


{"I'll just hop on for the finish, OK Mama?!"}


This past weekend, I ran the Race for Hope in Philadelphia. While I exceeded my fundraising goal {thank YOU!}, I missed my goal of finishing in under 30 minutes. At first I was disappointed. (My tracker brings me in just over 35 minutes... worse than last year!) But... considering I haven't really run any true distance since late September, and I was still congested from my cold, and it was COLD outside... I'm forgiving myself. I ran in 30 degree weather, after dealing with chest congestion issues for two weeks, without really training for it for a month. Taking all that into account, I actually did pretty good. (But there's still a part of me that is aggravated, I won't lie.)

The upside? My slower pace gave me time to recognize some things:

1. This is an amazing event for a pretty scary cause. There really is no other emotion you feel more than HOPE there. Considering how many shirts read "In Memory of" ... that's impressive.

2. There's also a lot of love there. A LOT of love.

3. In addition to the people running... there were lots of dogs running too. Including three greyhounds. I may have gotten a little teary when I saw them. Hard to tell since it was so darn cold! {wink}

4. I really don't like running. At. All.

5. I really do like coming around the final bend (and hill... that's just mean people!) to see Spencer being held high, smiling, waving and pointing at me. It's almost enough to make me sign up for another 5k. (Without the cold and hills though, please.)

6. See that pretty blue shirt I'm sporting over my fleece? It's the shirt that indicated you were a survivor. I was surprised at how many blue shirts I saw. Saddened by how many were on children. Disappointed there weren't more blue shirts there.

7. I'm really, really lucky. I'm relatively unscathed from my battles with tumors. Many are not nearly as lucky as I am.

Regardless of the cold weather, it was a great event... filled with lots of promise for the future. If you want more information on brain tumors, please go check out the National Brain Tumor Society's new site, Get Your Head in the Game.