What & Not Wednesday



I'm linking up with Elizabeth for another Whatnot Wednesday... I need to clear out all the random stuff in my head so that I can finish some other (more substantial, and probably more interesting) posts!

• In about two weeks, I'm running the Race for Hope in PA to benefit the National Brain Tumor Society... a cause near and dear to my heart (and head!) Due to some amazing friends, I'm doing really well with my fundraising... but I still have a little left to raise in order to meet my goal. If you have a few dollars to spare, I'd love your support. Since this is a public blog, I'm not directing you to my participant center here, but if you click {this link} and search for me (use both last names with a space between) you should be able to find me! If you don't have a few dollars to spare, a moment of positive thoughts to those fighting brain tumors would be appreciated.

Moving on to less "intense" thoughts:

• Spencer started gymnastics on Monday. It's *not* a parent-participation activity, so I sat in the reception area and listened... but could not see. What an odd sensation! It was funny to judge how it was going based only on what I could overhear. I think it went well, I think he had trouble staying in one spot, I think that he barged on to the trampoline run when he was supposed to be on the bars, and I think that he has some talent. I know he liked it... and that's all that really matters. The photographer in me has no idea how I am going to document this new milestone when there are curtains in the way though! Huh.

• I installed a new toilet seat on Monday as well. It's one of those "transition" ones where there is a "smaller" seat built in. Clearly I need more excitement in my life since I actually videotaped the new seat and sent it to Doug. Seriously?! This is what gets video coverage in my life now?! (The new seat blew Spencer's mind and he's now requesting all the toilets get re-fitted.)

• Continuing the "exciting life of Christine" theme... I dyed Doug's halloween costume yesterday. It took over four hours to reach the color when the bottle had stated 40-60 minutes. Either those khakis from T@rget are really stain resistant, or the bottle lied. Hmmm... I hope they are dark enough when they dry, because I really don't want to do that again.

• It's harvest time here, which means it's not uncommon to drive by fields filled with "hay bales" usually in the form of massive rolls. One field we drove by had the hay wrapped in white plastic... which prompted Spencer to comment "Holy Cow Mama, look at those humongous marshmallows!"

• The other day, I was told at school pick-up that several of the children were talking about what their moms "do." One girl said "My mom's a nurse." Another said "My mom's a teacher!" Want to know what Spencer said?! "My mama's a silly goose!" Sigh.

• Spencer's got some funny sayings lately... but my favorite has to be "mass of cheez-its" instead of "massachusetts." Also on my list is "I'm such a punk" which is what immediately follows doing something he knows he shouldn't be doing.

• Last week, I finished my first photo class. While I definitely learned a ton, it was hard to see that while completing the lessons... so I'm really anxious to get out and just shoot using all this new knowledge of mine. Of course, I'm in the next class now... so I'm not sure when exactly that will happen. The class was well worth the money, and I was surprised at how many things I had forgotten or never knew... and how many "bad habits" I had formed. Yikes!

Here's a "few" photos from the class... all SOOC (straight out of camera) with no editing, and shot on manual. Never thought I would say that! These are chronological in order, starting at week one and concluding with my last assignment.