A surprise phone call

As any adoptive parent will tell you, during the adoption process, there are times when we live by our phones. Every time the phone rings, it holds possibility. Some of us devote special ringtones to our phones... Some of us have the number identified with their social workers name in all caps and stars... Some of us just have it programmed in, and nothing more. I never did any of that... But I had all the agency numbers memorized... Along with the cell phone number for our social workers and program directors. Yesterday, a call came into my cell phone. I vaguely recognized the number... But couldn't place it. Imagine my surprise when I listened to the voicemail and it was the program coordinator from our agency. Oh my, how times have changed! I almost didn't listen to the message because I assumed it was regarding the certificate of citizenship issues we had been going back and forth on... Thank goodness I did!

She was calling to tell me that Spencer's caseworker (the equivalent of a social worker) was coming over from Korea and was going to be in New York next weekend! (She's coming with a group of foster families to an event with another agency.) Our caseworker is the one who prepared the referral report, she knew Spencer Seojin as a baby, and you can tell she truly cared about him. Who knows... she may have even been the one to name him! The program coordinator then extended an invitation to the event. As one adoptive mama said, any contact with the people who loved our children before they came home is a blessing... So what an opportunity we were presented with!

After a flurry of rescheduling things, and arranging travel and hotel, we'll be headed to Long Island next weekend. While I was an anxious, sweaty mess during the "figuring out" part... We've now moved on to beyond excited for this quick getaway.

Even though we're long past the phase where we live for the phone to ring, I find myself with a quickening pulse every time it's rung today. Funny how that works. I guess the only question I have now is... do you think she'll recognize him?! (I don't)



{May 2009}