The Truth is... We Love Barney!

In about two-ish weeks, we'll be seeing the big purple dinosaur live and in person. And you know what?! I think I am almost as excited as Spencer. (If I'm really telling the truth... I'm probably more excited.) I wasn't really sure what to make of that at first. A part of me was a little disappointed in myself. Sure, the big purple dinosaur actually made my "kid who could care less about the TV" sit still for 5-10-20(!!) minutes. As annoying as the voice may be, it's good tv for the toddler set. And he's pretty educational... But I just couldn't figure out why I was so excited. Yes... we have other faves here too. Sid! George! And some movies made for tweens. Yet there's always been one constant since Spencer first sat in front of the TV. Barney. (And don't think I tried every. single. other. option. first.) There's just something about Barney that draws Spencer in. And I realized I love Barney just as much as Spencer does. In fact... I big, fat, fluffy heart that purple guy!!!

BECAUSE Spencer does.

Simple as that.

And I'm not afraid to say it.

Spencer can't wait to see Barney in person... and honestly, neither can I. Really... isn't that what parenting is all about?! Doing things for your kiddos that you swore you would never,ever do... until you became a parent. Loving what they love. Giving up things you would want to see/do for them to do things that you would rather avoid at all costs. Unconditional love... It's strong stuff!

I tried to pinpoint when the big purple dinosaur first came into our lives... and stumbled across these. Here's a little flash from the past for you all... Enjoy! (And please forgive my singing in the last one!)

BeeBee Time! by 12450miles

Spencer and Barney (aka "BeeBee" by 12450miles

I Love You by 12450miles