EveryDaytheWonderfulHappens I'm back, after a little break. You know... I just don't think I am that interesting that I *can* post every week. Unless of course, you would all enjoy hearing about my laundry, cleaning the house, and all the other really exciting things that take up most of my time.

Our week could be summed up in one word: Bicycle. It's been all about the new two wheeler here. The day after getting his bicycle, Spencer requested a bike ride before school. For some reason, we had the time... so off we went, for what ended up being a 2.5 mile bike ride... in the rain. Crazy! He's been averaging at least a mile or two a day since then. And in case you are wondering... no, it does not use up all his energy. Not even close.


With a mere four rides under his belt, Spencer requested to loose the "extra" wheels (aka the training wheels) I didn't give in, and I was glad I didn't because on Saturday he declared "Mama, I do tricks!" And then, lo and behold, did tricks! When I posted this photo on facebook, I declared that everyone would now know why I had gray hair the next time they saw me. The irony in that statement?! I actually found three gray hairs the following morning.


Spencer is also riding like the "big kids," which means standing up. At this rate, I will never take those training wheels off.

He also took his first ride with me to the "market" (think convenience store) that's about .75 miles from our house. It's the first time that he's left our hood on the bike, and had to navigate streets and hills. It was a challenge... but he did it! (And yes, he's in his pajamas... it's not a battle I choose to fight)


{I said it was all about the bicycle... no?!}

Besides the bicycle, his uncle russ sent him an awesome soccer ball... and he's spent hours outside kicking it around. He's getting some good distance with his kicks now (I need to stand further and further away) and it actually goes where he wants it... I'm not sure who is more surprised by that. I've taken almost 100 photos and he's a blur in all of them.


Other random tidbits from the week:

It was Chuseok this week. I mentally couldn't wrap my mind around that holiday co-inciding with Sept. 11, so we're delaying our celebration. It's the first time that I've really felt like I've had to make a decision between cultures, holidays and significance. I don't regret my decision because it was definitely the right decision for our family this year. But it did feel odd to read of everyone else's celebrations when we weren't partaking. Just 'cause we didn't celebrate doesn't mean we didn't don the hanbok and take some photos though!


Last Friday, we took our house off the market. It's weird to not see the sign in the front yard, and I actually drove by the entrance to our development yesterday since the real estate signage "landmark" wasn't there. Obviously, there's a lot of emotion tied to this decision... but it was time. We'll try again in the spring. Maybe. Blegh.

On the upside, it makes neighborhood parties less bittersweet. But now I really feel the need to bring  my "a-game" to the halloween party this year. Any ideas? Spencer has two costumes this year... and I have even more ideas for him. For me, I can't come up with ANYTHING creative. Which is so odd given that uhm, I'm a designer. Shouldn't this come naturally to me?!

I have an upcoming "Spencer Says" post... but here's a sneak peek. In an effort to have Spencer get up with him once in a while, Doug has bribed Spencer to go down some mornings by telling him that they'll make my coffee and bring it up. (The norm is I go down with Spencer at o'dark hour) Then Doug does his best to stall and buy me more time before Spencer declares it coffee making time. Spencer's job is the sugar addition, as he now tells everyone by declaring "I'm the Sugar Boy!" Boy, does that get you some weird looks depending on our location at the time of said announcement.

He's also correcting our grammar. My favorite is when one of us goes "Yeah" or "Yup" and Spencer, in a very schoolmarmish way, says "You saying Yessss?" Kills me. Every. single. time.

And lastly, my photo class has started. So far, so good. Today, I had a different subject than normal... he was a lot more tolerant of my "playing with the exposure" than certain subjects I know:




Cute, no?! AND... he knows how to do the YMCA:


OK, not really... but that would be pretty funny!

And his older brother was there and helping:


Obviously, cuteness runs in this family...

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