The "Big" Bike

Last week, Spencer started to express a lot of interest in his friend's "big boy bike." And by interest, I mean that he deserted his tricycle, grabbed his friend's bike, climbed on... and took off. I was shocked since I honestly didn't think he could reach the pedals of a "big boy" bike. Or get them to go the right way. But he did! And since then, we've heard a lot about N's "yellow bike." In fact, we heard so much about his yellow bike while out on a bike ride on Saturday, that we went bike shopping on Sunday... ... and this was my Monday morning (around 7am if you are wondering about the PJs):


As is the norm with Spencer, he immediately "got it" and I found myself jogging to keep up. I'm nervous for the day he's ready to lose the training wheels... I'll be all out sprinting! He loves his new bike and has been asking to go on rides constantly. And doesn't want to end them.

Here's a little video of his second ride of the day (you'll notice the wardrobe change)... it's a little wobbly since I'm power walking in order to keep up, so don't watch if you get motion sickness easily!

The only question I have is: How was this just three days ago?!?!