The Other Side

It's a beautiful day here. Sunny, blue skies, temps in the mid-60s... Yesterday, not so much. When Irene finally arrived she was "just" a tropical storm. And, in all honesty, it wasn't even the worst storm we've seen. But it wasn't pretty. Don't get me wrong... I will take it. Lesson learned. If you prepare for the apocalypse... it may not happen. The worst we were thrown was that we lost power yesterday around 8:45am, and it still hasn't returned. The estimate they are giving us is Wednesday or Thursday. While I am not thrilled with that, I'll take it. We'll lose everything in the fridge, but that just means I'll get to clean it well... right?! And we're without water, but that's teaching us conservation... no?!

Thanks everyone for your positive thoughts and prayers. I hope that is the first and last time I experience a hurricane.

One final request... my hometown did not fare so well, nor did several other communities in NJ. If you could take a moment to wing a positive thought or prayer out to all the residents of those communities as they pick up the pieces, I would appreciate it. Scrolling through these images, I had tears in my eyes. Places that are so familiar now look so different. Below is a picture that is taken from the train station in my home town. I think it gives a good idea of just how bad it was there.