Whatnot Wednesday


I'm jumping on the Whatnot Wednesday Wagon since I clearly need to get some things out of my head, but haven't been finding the time to blog. Beyond quick one-off posts. Blegh.

So, here goes...

Spencer went in for his three year old appointment last week. For the most part, he's doing exceptional. Even for the things he's not doing well, he's doing them exceptionally poorly. Glad to know he strives for "perfection" in both regards. ;-) He weighs in at 25 lbs. (my quarter pounder!) and measures 34.5" ... finally putting him on the growth chart for both height and weight. (At the 1% mark, natch) I'm honestly very secure (now) about his size. I know it's nothing I'm doing wrong, not doing enough of, or should be doing better. And if you've ever met Spencer, then you know he's larger than life, proving that size doesn't matter. That said, there's a part of me that is secretly very happy that I can honestly respond "Uhm, yes." to all the intrusive moms at the playground who always ask, "Is he even on the growth chart?!" [Ironically this is always from moms who have kids that tempt me to ask "Has your kid fallen off the other end!?"] Funny how perspective works.


Also, Spencer had his first dental appointment. Not surprisingly, he charmed the whole office. So much so, that one of the girls took the above photo of him and the dentist asked to use it in the next newsletter. The appointment was a huge success with the exception of discovering his front right tooth is dead. He came down a slide funny a couple of weeks ago, and hit his mouth just right... resulting in two split lips, and apparently, a dead tooth. I was hoping that it was some weird thing and the "shading" as they so politely put it would get better, not worse. You know the photographer in me mourns this just as much as the Mama in me does. While it's "only" a baby tooth... it's still four years of photo retouching!


We put new carpet in the family room. It's part of a mini-makeover the room is getting, and I can't even describe how excited I am. It's like a whole new room with just a few small changes ... although I guess it could be argued that putting a 24x16 foot rug in is not small. Also not small was the task of ripping out the old carpet. Spencer, my "helper," and I did it in just under three hours. But, three days later, I'm still feeling every inch of that rug. It's a darker color, thicker rug pad, higher end carpet... in a word, luxurious.


Isn't my helper cute!?



I signed up for a photography class in September. Most of the ones I do are "at your own pace," "or inspirational," but I chose to do the full participation for this technically-based one. That means it's a significant investment in both time and money. While it's more of a "beginner" class, I'm still really nervous. I've been making an effort to get the macro lens on the camera more too...




And, it's resulted in me being very texture-orientated, even with a standard prime lens...



In addition to lots of fun custom work for leapfrog lane, I've also been helping my sister-in-law with her awesome wedding next July. It's so much fun (for me, I don't know if it is for her) hear all her plans, and to brainstorm all sorts of ideas and executions of her theme. Poor Doug is probably having flashbacks to our wedding though when I would constantly share "gems" I found.

I finally understand the craze of PioneerWoman Iced Coffee. YUM.

Spencer and I have decided that we're going to grow his hair out. Doug is not a fan of this idea, but Spencer seems on board. For now, at least.


Does anyone else dislike hearing of their "isms" through their children? I just discovered last week that I say "How's that for an answer?" a lot. A. Lot. I questioned where Spencer picked that up from, and after looking at me cross-eyed for a second, Doug said "You. It's one of your more popular 'Christine-isms.'" Seriously, I had no idea. I tried to deny it, but Doug kept pointing out to me when I used it and I realize I say it way more often than I should. And I never realized those words were passing through my lips. Sad.

Also sad is the obsessive talk about a hurricane that is still five days out. Five. FIVE! I can't even believe it. While I'm not naive enough to not have it on my radar screen, I don't need to hash it out with every person I encounter. It reminds me of last year when everyone discussed Earl non-stop and it ended up being nothing.

And lastly. (I know, I know... finally) I should have been preparing dinner... but instead, well, I didn't. I blogged. So, I'm declaring it pizza on the beach night. Perfect way to spend the last evening before the clouds roll in... no?

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