Movie Monday : Track Star

See?! I said I'd post some happier posts soon. While this isn't a knee-slapper or anything... it's kind of fun. While at the museum of science, we saw a track exhibit that measured how fast you can run. Well, this was right up Spencer's alley! Unless you've met Spencer, and seen him move in real life... it's hard to grasp just how speedy he is. As my friend JoJo has said, "You just gotta see it to believe it." And it's true. As he proved when he blew away the competition at this exhibit... competition that was more than double his age I might add. (I'm the Mama, I'm allowed to brag...right?!) So here he is, strutting his stuff on the track. In the second video, you'll notice him putting his arms in the air. While it looks like he's doing the crossing-the-finish-line victory wave... it's really just him trying to get the lights and beeps to go off. (He was smaller than the sensors) Hmmm...future track star maybe?