Dancer Boy

Spencer has been rather obsessed with dancing for the past several months. Everything from bustin' a move in the mall to the tunes coming from H0llister... to "look Mama, I'm a ballerina!" in our living room. (Insert vision of twirls and leaps here.) We've even picked him up from school dressed head to toe as a dancer. (Play tutu and ballet shoes) So last week when I saw that the new children's museum we were visiting had a "dance area" ... I knew we'd be spending some serious time in there. I love these two videos because they are so "Spencer" ... and while he's dressed in tap shoes and a tutu, he's somehow still all boy. (Maybe it's the chanting of "bum bum bum bum"?) And just to clarify... he asked for this outfit, this is all him.      

And, just to even the score a little, here's Spencer dressed to kill and cutting up the dance floor at a party back in April. (Complete with wardrobe change.)