Movie Monday & Other Randomness

Over the weekend, Doug and I were going through our phones... and we realized we have a lot of funny little movies of Spencer captured on there. Nothing really to form a post out of, but fun and [sometimes] memorable. So I introduce to you Movie Monday... where you'll find a couple of short clips of Spencer being Spencer. They probably won't have much to do with anything... but I really want to have them recorded for nostalgia. Here's the first installment.

Along the same lines, but on a much more serious note, I stumbled across this last week (?) and can't stop thinking about it. I think it's worth the ten minutes for anyone who has been touched by Korean adoption.

And lastly, I got a new lens yesterday as an early birthday present. It's been pretty horrible weather wise, so I haven't really gotten to put it through it's paces... but I did snap this. I think I am in love with my new lens. Is that wrong!?