Project 365 : A Massive Catch-Up

Uhm, yeah. So I feel just a wee bit behind on the collages. Oops. {Ironic, since the one piece of advice I got was not to fall behind...} This post brings me up until May though... and my lesson has been learned. Don't leave yourself months of pictures to go through.

365Blockit_wk5_50-56 365Blockit_wk5_57-63 365Blockit_wk10_64-70 365Blockit_wk11_71-77 365Blockit_wk12_78-84 365Blockit_wk13_85-91 365Blockit_wk14_92-98 365Blockit_wk15_99-105 365Blockit_wk16_106-112 365Blockit_wk17_113-119