The Center of Our Universe

Cheers If you read this blog, you probably already know it. Spencer is blessed with a beautiful, caring, and generally off-the-charts amazing mother. She has the creativity and talent to accomplish anything, yet she chooses to devote her full passion and energy to one thing each day: being the best possible mother to our son.

It isn't easy. For all of his charms, Spencer makes every day a marathon - the kind of marathon where you have a piano strapped to your back and someone screaming in your ear the whole time. And then there's me. I work too much. I am always traveling (including on Mother's Day!) And even when I am around, I never feel like I am pulling the weight that Christine does.

Christine is the center of our universe, somehow reining in the insanity and turning it into a joy-filled journey for our family. Each day, I see a bit more of her reflected in the person our son is becoming, and that is a wonderful thing.

Happy Mother's Day, Christine. We love you.