Click. Click. Click.

The past several days, things really seem to be clicking into place around here... I wake well into the six o'clock hour to the tapping finger of my son, telling me "the clock is yellow!" followed by "get up?" Considering I've just logged a long night of solid sleep too, I'm usually more than happy to. Click. Sometimes he even surprises me and asks to get in and cuddle for a bit. We may have even slept until 7 once or twice! Darn, I guess this means I need to start setting my alarm...

We head to school and enter, all smiles and enthusiastic greetings. A hug, a kiss, and a "see you later Mama!" and I'm off. Even after a week away. Amazing. Click. After school, spirits are high, and there's usually a couple of hours of play before dinner and bedtime... hours without much drama or attitude. Click.

[Now granted, we still have our moments... and these weekend we had a doozy of a tantrum, but I'm seeing all our work pay off. "One" is all it takes a lot of the time, and that makes me a very happy Mama.]

Meals are being enthusiastically consumed here. I still can't believe that is happening. And when they aren't, I don't freak out since it hasn't been days since the last real food entered his belly. Click.

I keep pinching myself because I must be dreaming... right?!

I know, I know. It doesn't really matter now, because I just blew it by having the audacity to blog about it. {Oh yes, I heard you all gasping out there.} But, you know... I think this is worth celebrating, even if it all goes down the drain tomorrow. {And we know it very well might.} It's been a long road to reach some of these milestones, and rather than wait until it all goes topsy turvy to complain blog about it, I figure I should take a moment to say, "Rock on Spencer, Rock on." Hmmm... maybe this is an early "Spencer Day" present from him to me?!