I Heart Faces : Pets


Now really, how could I pass this week's challenge up?! An opportunity to share another picture of my first baby?! So here I sit, editing photos from the other week when I should really be, uhm, working.

For those of you who are new to my blog, this is my fur-baby, Roxy. She's a retired racing greyhound who now spends most of her time living in the shadow of my toddler son. But to be fair, we all live in his shadow... that's just the kind of kid he is. I love that this photo focuses on her eyes, since that is definitely one of her defining features. Especially here where she is watching my son do something he's really not supposed to be doing (can you see the disdain in there?) while blatantly ignoring the fact that I am this. close. Plus, she's resting her head on the throw pillows which she's not supposed to do. (And I guess I should have been reprimanding both of them instead of taking the photo. Oh well.) Oh Roxy girl... you're the best. And I promise to post more pictures here of you. Photo challenge week or not.

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