They're playing basketball...


... We love that basketball.

{I totally just quoted Lil' Bow Wow, and I'm not ashamed at all. Okay, maybe a little bit. Just for appearances.}

A couple of weekends ago, we attended Spencer's first basketball game. And it wasn't just any basketball game... it was a Harlem Globetrotters game! We thought the fast-paced game combined with the shenanigans would be a good match for Spencer.


{Do you think he liked it?!}

Leading up to the event, every time we talked about the game, Spencer would make a point of telling us he was getting popcorn and maybe watching basketball. [And yes, he did get popcorn... but that story is to come.]

We got there a little early in order to watch some of the pre-game show. Apparently, a dancing globe mascot is really all you need to make a two-year-old happy.




{Enthralled Two Year old}

Another thing that makes two-year-olds happy?! Smoke machines. Who knew?!

It turns out that Doug went all in for this event and purchased the good seats. The really good seats. We were in the second row, which also happened to be the first "non-courtside" row. In other words... we were close. Really close. You'll see. I gave him a really hard time about it, making sure to say things like "Is this for him, or for you?!" Or "Who really wanted to see this game!?" And then I picked up my camera and shut up. Cause we were really close. Which meant that I got to live out my dream of sports photography. [wink]

After the pre-game entertainment, the Globetrotters came on to the court, which of course meant our snack-loving boy had to go up to get his first round of food. Guess what he chose?! Popcorn. Surprise, surprise...

Then we got down to the business of watching the game. I mean, watching the shenanigans.


{See?! We were really close!}

We were about three handfuls into our popcorn bucket when Spencer realized there was other popcorn to be had... of the Cracker Jack variety. [Thanks little kid sitting behind us for pointing that out to Spencer.] So guess what?!


{"It's the same as his, right Mama?!"}


{Yeah, we're suckers. We know.}

It was just about that time that we discovered we were in the "splash zone." I actually wasn't paying attention to the whole thing, but there was a bucket of water involved. And we got wet. And there was a mess of the floor. Both of which Spencer was very "concerned" about, and we heard "we got wet!" and "they made a mess!" for the remainder of the show. He also made it quite clear that he thought they should come mop up their mess since it wasn't nice to make a mess and leave it. Huh. Funny... he seems to do the same thing on an hourly basis around here.

globetrotters-7 globetrotters-8 globetrotters-9

And even though my post doesn't seem to reflect it, there really was a "game" being played here:


Before we knew it, we were counting down to halftime:



{Can you see the net "swooshing"?}


{Just two guys, enjoying the game}

The second half continued to entertain with both athleticism...


globetrotters-14 globetrotters-13

And antics...




There was the channeling of some aggression due to bad calls...



And some showmanship, of course. I mean, this was a globetrotters game after all!





And Spencer? He was riveted.

sports-fan sports-fan-2 sports-fan-3 sports-fan-4

And he also managed to fit in some people-watching as well:


After the game, several of the Globetrotters lined the court and signed basketballs. Guess who was first in line?!

globetrotters-27 globetrotters-28

{Guess who also had to touch the marker before it was dry?!}

It was a really fun day out. It was a great event that we all enjoyed. The pace and silliness was wonderful to keep Spencer entertained, and there was enough tongue-in-cheek humor for those of us over three feet. I had kind of been on the fence when Doug first asked me about it... but I'm so glad we went for it. Especially when I saw this post-game face:


And an aside... we also had a "Like Buddy" moment (from the movie "Elf"):



I mean, c'mon... we can't just let a revolving door be when it's clearly calling for us to run around in it several times... right?!

[A note on the photography... I pushed the ISO way up to 2000 and set the aperture at 3.5. All are pretty much straight out of the camera.]