The Day I Never Thought I Would See.

{Yet again, I'm behind. How does that keep happening?! I'm working on catching up on the reading end... and also getting some "deep thoughts" down here... on a variety of subjects. But for now...} It finally happened.

The day where I walk into school...

...and my son has absolutely no intention of leaving.  None. Nada. Zip. Zilch.

In fact, after dragging him out the door, I practically had to wrestle him into the car. The whole time listening to him scream "Nnnnooooo!!!! Not done yet!!!! I don't want to leaaaavvveeee!!!" while he stretched his arms and legs as wide as possible to make it as difficult as possible to fit him through the door.

It finally happened. I don't believe it. And I would have laughed in your face as recently as two weeks ago if you told me this.

Was I sad? Not. At. All. We worked hard for this. Very hard. In fact, there was cheering. (And I wasn't the only one.)

So today was the day I never thought I would see.