This post brought to you by the #4

Friday night marked the end of a FOUR week period where Doug was away for business, with only FOUR days at home. (And since those four days were filled with work and obligations and chores, I don't really think they count.... but maybe that's me.) Those four days also contained an emergency visit to the twenty-FOUR hour veterinary clinic, thank-you-very-much-Roxy. (She's fine.) These four weeks included a really bad illness that lasted FOUR days and resulted in a One hundred and FOUR (point 5) degree fever for Spencer, and a 102 degree fever for me. (Being really sick, and unable to function, while Doug is away has always been one of my biggest fears... it finally happened.) It included nights with FOUR wake-ups per night and FOUR am starts to the day.

Happily, these past four weeks also included a FOUR day trip to NJ to see Doug for a twenty-FOUR hour layover, and to celebrate my parent's FOUR decades of marriage. It also had a FOUR day visit from my Mom to help with moving preparation (no sale, just positive thinking here.)

In other words, this was a rough FOUR weeks. But also a good and productive FOUR weeks. Funny how that happens. And we survived. Maybe the laundry piles were a little larger than they should have been... and maybe we ate PB&J too many times for dinner. But we made it.

But, I'm so ready for FOUR glasses of wine, or FOUR spa treatments... both preferable before the next whirlwind tour for Doug in April.


And, just so this post ends on a happy note:


{Playing with one of our FOUR puppets}