1. April Showers 2. May Flowers

3. Prime Home-Selling Season!!!

Guess which one I'm most excited for?!

I'm a woman on a mission these days. I have a renewed energy for the home sale process, which means:

  • New photos for the realtor.
  • New DIY skills... anyone have a bathroom fan or doorbell they need fixed?!
  • A super clean basement (THANKS MOM!) in addition to a "show ready" house.
  • Lots of Salvation Army donations (in addition to the huge donations last year... we're talking about filling a box truck up here)
  • Lots of new homes for loved possessions.

Of course, the market is still horrific. And we're still fighting with 185 other listings in our town. And there's the whole foreclosed house in the neighborhood going up for auction...

BUT, I'm still keeping hope. While making back-up plans if we don't sell for the fall. Because, honestly, the worst part of selling is the limbo.

So fingers and toes are crossed... here's hoping for a super spring. (For us, and all our fellow home sellers)


{I found this photo from last summer when looking through options for the listing. It just makes me laugh.}