The Hat That Mama Knit

While I haven't blogged much about it, I've been working hard on my improvements for the year. One of my undertakings has been to finish up some WIP [work-in-progress] projects. I wouldn't say this initiative has been a smashing success, but I've definitely made some progress. A couple of  weeks ago, I finished up this hat for Spencer. This is monumental for a couple of reasons: I. I started this hat before we were even accepted into the Korea program. In fact, I downloaded the pattern before we even applied to the Korea program. It was at a time in the process where I was feeling rather lost. I ordered all the yarn as an act of faith, but I didn't start it. I started it when our Home Study went to Korea. I put it down when I found it stressful rather than fun. I picked it up here and there, but it was only partially completed when we received our Travel Call. (And then we came home with a baby and I never knit again. Or so it felt.)

2. I worked off a pattern, but I increased it in size. This is the first time I've ever done that, and I kind of flew by the seat of my pants. It's pure luck that it actually worked.

3. Look at all those yarn changes! Holy cow. Again, the first time I've had that many yarn changes... and while it wasn't too tough to knit... I was cursing the pattern as I wove all the loose ends in. (It took two full nights in front of Netflix to do it.)

But, seeing it now, it makes me SO happy. So very, very happy.

It also makes me happy to see how much Spencer LOVES it. That alone makes it worth it. But what really touches me is that it's a pattern I downloaded because I needed faith that a child would be in our lives, and it's now the finished project on my son's head. There's nothing better than that.


{Hat? What hat?!}


{Yo. My Mama Made This.}


{Hey, my hat matches my fruit snacks!}


{The detail}


{Mama, don't you know it's not cool to tie the straps?!}


{OK, one smile... but then we untie them, okay?!}