Out of the mouth of Spencer

[We are returning to our "regularly scheduled programming" here!] Wow, I feel like there must be something in the air lately. Like so many other bloggy buddies, we're experiencing a major verbal explosion here. Spencer is stringing together not only words, but sentences. He's also properly using pronouns (his dog, her backpack) and the words "you" and "me." I admit, I was sad to see "pick you up" and "help you" go.  And he talks all. day. long. I mean, he's always been very verbal... but now he follows me around to make sure I hear every . single . thought . that goes through his head. Unfortunately, he's also been known to give a play-by-play to everyone in the restroom and to make sure that all of his teachers know things such as "Mama was really mad at the 'damn door' this morning when her toe got smooshed." Actually, he refers to that door as the "damn door" all the time. Oops. You know you have a verbal child when the pediatrician looks up mid-appointment and mouths "WOW - he's a TALKER."

Now don't get me wrong, I love his verbal skills. LOVE. But, man is he a workout some days. Let me tell you, it can be really annoying to try to think one little thing through with the constant "chatter" invading. Especially if the "chatter" is also grabbing your face to make you look at him, while progressively saying the same word/phrase over and over an over and over again while getting louder and louder and louder. It can be trying.

But, he's also hysterical. And it is a blast to sit and really talk with him about stuff. And c'mon... now I get to hear exactly what happened at school that day. Way better than any pick-up report!

Here's just a few of my favorite phrases and words from the past few weeks.

*   *   *   *   *

"Sorry Bud" : Spencer is not exactly what you would call patient. I guess no toddler is. But upon shoving his way past you if need be, he'll issue a "Sorry Bud!" as he continues to barrel ahead. This is also used when he and Roxy collide paths (which happens more than one would think)

"What's wrong baby?!" : Used when Spencer is upset, as a clue that I need to inquire "What's wrong baby?!" Also used when another child at school is crying. Note: the big[ger] boys do not appreciate the term "baby."

"Pickles" : [aka "chemicals"] I constantly have to tell Spencer to stand back when I'm cleaning the counter or the table because I'm spraying "chemicals" and I don't want them to get him. Well, he calls "chemicals" "pickles" and it's impossible not to laugh when you hear "Oh no Mama, the pickles are coming to get me!" Not only that, but imagine his face when the woman taking our order asked if he would like any pickles on his burger...

"Crabby" : As in "Mama, I'm feeling crabby." Need I say more?

"Ga-boon" : "Balloon" This word struck me really funny when Spencer told me "Oh no Mama! My ga-boon got stuck in the vesta-boo [vestibule]!" Really?! You can almost get the word vestibule out, but not balloon?!

"No Team!" : We've hit the independent streak here. So, Doug and I often tell Spencer we have to do something as a team. Oftentimes, this refers to certain games that are really meant for older audiences. (In skill level, not content) So one day, Little Mr. Do-It-Himself put the game on, turned to Doug and exclaimed "NO TEAM!" He then proceeded to hold his right hand with his left, just like we would, and guide himself.

"Like Buddy!" : {as in Buddy, from Elf} It started out as "Like Buddy!" but quickly grew to "I want to do it like Buddy does" or "Tuck me in like Buddy" Most times it refers to cute things such as getting tucked in, or making snowballs... but it also refers to Buddy's atrocious eating habits. (Ahem. Like the soda bottle scene?!) Sigh...

"Now that's funny" : Do I really need to explain this one?! Most often used when comedy was intended. Like a cartoon character slipping on a banana peel... but also used when something unintentionally funny happens. Like when I trip on the corner of the rug. Yup, hysterical. At leas to one two year old who holds his belly and laughs... then points at me and says "Now that's funny!"

"1 2 3 7 8 9 ... TEN!" : Clearly, we're getting better at counting. The alphabet still alludes us. Although being that "W" [dubba-dubba-do] is such a fun letter to say, it needs to exist in between every other letter.

"Oh Gracious" and "Oh Gosh" : Two interchangeable phrases used oh-so-correctly. The times that kill me are when Spencer does something naughty [like pull out all the pans in the "off limits" cabinet] and then we stumble upon the evidence together. He slaps his hand against his forehead and exclaims "Oh Gracious! What happened here Mama?!" As if he didn't know. The other one I "love" is when Roxy has been bad and he finds it. He'll say "Oh Gosh, we've got a problem here Mama." One last example (that I adore)... Spencer found a huge roll of packing bubbles in Doug's office. He put both hands on his face and said "Oh gracious! What do we have here?!"

"Whatcha doin' in here Mama?!" : I really don't need to explain this, but this is what happens when I sit him down to "watch" a movie while I do something I don't want him messed up in. (Think cleaning the toilets and other "fun" things) Every few minutes he'll run in and say "Whatch doin in here Mama?!" Sometimes with arms in a "shrug" and palms faced up. Or, if Doug is working from home, Spencer will saunter in and say the same thing, obviously replacing the "Mama" with "Daddy." And the best is when Roxy is sniffing out something good on our walks. He'll squat down next to her and get right in her face and say "Whatcha doin' here Doodles?"

"Hay is for horses" : Yup, my child is correcting my slang now. Thank goodness for school, someone has to teach him this stuff! We've started to hear "Hay is for horses, Mama! If you want tension [attention] say 'scuse me'" Man, is grammar school going to be awesome or what?!

And songs. Oh boy, do we have a lot of songs these days:

"Twinkle Twinkle"

"I Love You" [from Barney] ... but Spencer's version is "I love you, I love you, I love you. With a great big hug and a kiss for me and you... won't you say you love you too?!" Smile.

And a mix from his fave movie, Camp Rock... of course. He's kind of done his own "mash-up" from all the songs that I really have to get on video.

"Ice Ice Baby" : OK, so that's really the only line he knows from that. But it's used mostly when we are picking up ice for the freezer (long story) and he always says "Ice Ice Baby, To Go, To Go!" Which is, actually, completely correct... unless he thinks he's singing the actual words.

And my fave... On Doug's birthday, we sang to him when we were bringing out the cake. We were singing "Happy Birthday to You, Happy Birthday to You, Happy Birthday to Daddy" when, perfectly on key, and in tune... as though it was always supposed to be there, Spencer interjected "Have Some TOOOO" And then we finished with "Happy Birthday to You" Hysterical, no?!

Then there are the ones he's learned from school. (Although they are really more of "rhymes"):

"Roly Poly"

"Monkeys jumping on the bed" : If you ask him "What does the doctor say?" He'll respond "No more monkeys jumpin' on BED!" It's adorable, and in one of the videos below.

"One Potato, Two Potato" : Which is really any varying number of potatoes followed by an enthusiastic "MOOOOOORRRREEEE!!!!!"

And since I know we all love video... here's a few clips of his "performances" for the camera: