Reminiscing : Christmas 2010

It's been two months since Christmas now... so what better time to post about it than now? Right? I kid. It's kind of ridiculous, but I made a vow to do better, and dig myself out of my bloggy backlog. I have start somewhere... So here goes.

First up, the decor. Aside from the mantle that held our advent calendar, we did have plenty of holiday cheer spread throughout the house. Of course, we had a tree:



Topped with a pretty new star...


and draped with lots of sparkly lights...


And lots of ornaments that always make me smile...


I even caught the elf hunkering down in there!


I coveted these ornaments when I first saw them in a local gift shop. I was good though, and didn't buy them. I did, however, go back in the first day after the holiday and see if they were still there. I was rewarded for my good behavior. They were on sale for 50% off. Aren't they the cutest?!


Besides the tree, we had other festive ornamentation scattered about:


{Roxy was a little disappointed to see me un-decorate his tricycle. I think she liked the warning!}

We also had a special piece of art hanging in our house:


This is a cross-stitch I started in high school (yes, high school) Over the years I'd pick it up every so often, and do a chunk. Flash forward 20+ years, and I finally finished it and framed it. I haven't taken it down yet. Intentionally. It almost seems a shame to put it away.

And then there's the celebrating. On Christmas Eve, Doug's family came over. While Mama and Daddy did some last minute prep, Spencer entertained himself with his new favorite past time: sink.


Then, it was time to get in our holiday outfit (Thanks Noah!) and celebrate:


I honestly don't remember a lot of the night. In part because I was fighting a killer of a cold, but mostly because...


Doug's sister, Amanda, showed up with her fiance!

Yup, she and Joe got engaged moments before leaving for our house (OK, maybe a little longer than moments... but that day!) and told us upon their arrival. We're so thrilled for them! Now seriously, what could top that?? I was literally shaking with excitement for them that night. And, the rest of the night it a blur.


{There was gift opening though!}

[Note: I was so sick that night, I didn't take even one photo...]

Christmas was a low-key affair with just the three of us. I'm not sure that we even got out of our PJs for the day.

Santa left Spencer a doozy of a present. He must have been one good little boy this year! (That, or all those visits to the mall helped drive home the point that Spencer really, really wanted a "fire truck.")


Not only that, he left him a jam-packed stocking!



We were up bright and early (of course) to see what Santa left. I think this video does more justice to Spencer coming down the stairs than my words ever could.

And guess what? We couldn't get him out of the engine for the rest of the day!


{Ahem, or on the engine as the case may be.}

He did take a break to open his last advent book. He received another "Llama, Llama" book and the doll. This is not the best quality photo, but I just love the expression on his face:


{He also opened some presents from Mama and Dada too... but it took a lot of convincing. That engine sure was special!}

We celebrated with my family on New Year's Eve. Spencer helped get ready for our house guests. Complete with his "vacuuming hat":


Spencer got lots of hugs and kisses:


And again, there were lots of presents to open:


A few of note (And because I really like these photos):


{We gifted our folks with professional portraits... which were a big hit}



{Spencer received a pair of PJs that had to be put on immediately. They were not removed until well into the next day.}


{This photo is not properly focused [obvs] but I love how excited I was for Spencer to receive glitter pens from a family friend. And look at that big tub o' art supplies! That has proved to be a lifesaver this winter!!}

There's more to come... but I think that's enough for one post, no?! And... if you made it to the end of this, you deserve a medal. Seriously. Wow.