Start Spreading the News

I interrupt your regularly scheduled Spencer hijinks with a special message from Daddy. As my wife and son teased, our family is making some pretty big changes that we are really excited about. On March 1, I am starting a new job in New York City, and we are cooking up some plans to relocate down there longer term. For the last three-years, "work/life balance" has eluded us. I work in a very demanding startup environment that also happens by be 90 miles from our home. It involves a fair bit a travel as well. Add a lightly sleeping perpetual motion machine named Spencer and shake well, and you have a recipe for a consistently exhausted family of three. Something needed to change.

The first step we took was to put our house on the market last summer. The idea was to get closer to my office, so Christine and I both started researching possible communities in the Boston suburbs. We both love Boston and were very excited to get closer to "civilization" again.

As we began looking, diversity became a major criteria for us along more typical considerations like quality of schools. Our current community, while wonderful for many reasons, is not very diverse. At the same time, Spencer has such an outgoing personality that we always felt like he would be fine. But great is better than fine, so that became the goal.

So that is where things got a bit interesting. We found some great demographic information online, and there are some really nice, diverse communities in the Boston area. In the process, we discovered some pockets elsewhere in the country with very vibrant Korean communities, the New York / Northern New Jersey area being chief among them.

But we never really considered a more substantial move very seriously. After all, our goal was to simplify life, not turn very aspect of it upside down. I also really love my work (except for the commuting part), and I didn't want to make a change for the sake of geography alone and make myself miserable for other reasons.

Fortunately, fate kind of stepped in. The job opportunity in New York is extremely exciting to me on a professional level, and as I started exploring it Christine and I both became very excited about the idea of spending more time in the New York area.

Most of all, we feel blessed by the opportunity find the best possible situation for Spencer. It is hard to describe the feeling we get when we see glimpses of Spencer playing his role as part of the Korean American community at various events we have attended. I am sure we are over-glamorizing it a bit, but feeling like that every day would be a dream come true.

There are many details still to sort out (know anyone who wants to buy a house?), but we are really excited about the adventure ahead.