I Heart Faces : Phone Photo

This week's challenge over at I Heart Faces is to use a photo you took with your phone, and I just couldn't pass this one by. I use my i*phone to take photos more than I care to admit. (Especially since I discovered Insta*gram) A lot of that is due to the fact that my phone is always by my side. But there are also times when I have both the "big girl" camera and the phone camera handy... and I still default to the phone. It allows me to capture little moments, expressions, and actions that are fleeting... my son doesn't shut down or ham it up when the i*phone is out... he's just "him." One hundred percent Spencer. I chose this picture because it illustrates that. I snapped this picture while we were trying on some new duds for an upcoming event. He was insistent on trying this hat and when he put it on, I told him he looked like he could be part of the rat pack. The photo is his response... You can almost see the words "What's a rat pack?" passing through his brain.

What's the rat pack?!

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