Ice Ice Baby


[Apologies to those of you who know me on F@cebook...I'm sure you are tired of hearing about ice skating at this point!]

Spencer went ice skating for the first time yesterday! And guess what?! He loved it!

OK, maybe not right away. But eventually.

After multiple "no like it"s and "all done now"s, guess who we had to drag off the ice?! Yup, Spencer.

And guess who woke up this morning and immediately asked "Ice Skating again?!" Again, Spencer.

It would have been cute had it not been 4:20 in the morning.

I've been dying to get Spencer on skates in a real rink all winter. But I wasn't brave enough to do it solo. So when a birthday party invite (held at the local rink) arrived, I could barely contain my excitement. It was touch and go at first. Mostly because Doug and I haven't been on skates in oh, decades?! Luckily, our friend Jenna is amazing (and a hockey player) and had Spencer comfortable and skating within minutes. I think he was pretty much sold after a "ride" that she gave him around the rink at top speed. (He was on his skates in between her knees and she held him up under his arms) His smile was spread from ear to ear. He seriously lit . up . After that, he made it his mission to get to top speed himself. While we definitely don't think Apollo has anything to worry about yet... we don't think the rink has seen the last of us yet.

photo 1-2

["working" with Jenna]

[sorry for the quality... it's an iphone pic... I wasn't about to bring the good camera out!]


[I thought this was hysterical, clearly.]

photo 2-2


And a movie:

And, as if the ice skating wasn't awesome enough, Spencer also got to hang out with his buddy J, who he idolizes: