Two Years Ago...

...we found out we were parents. I remember that phone call as though it were yesterday. In fact... I'm really not sure how it's possible that two years ago, we saw our son for the first time. Where does the time go?! Granted, they say time flies... but this, well this just takes my breath away.

It's amazing that two years ago I was analyzing every detail in every photo... reading and re-reading the referral report... pacing the floor waiting for the pediatrician to call, and then, waiting for test results from SWS. We knew the moment we read the report that Spencer was our son, and looking at him at dinner last night... it's unfathomable to me that he wouldn't be a part of our lives. I have every referral photo and every sentence of the referral report memorized... but I still enjoy pulling them out and comparing the Spencer we "knew" then to the Spencer we know now. It's amazing how even back then, he's 100% Spencer... and without a doubt, our son.

How in the world did we get so lucky?!


{Then, and the first photo we saw...}


{... and Now.}



{"What's tomorrow Spencer?!"}

{"Phone call day, Mama!"}

And just because I can't get enough of this video...