The Truth : "Some Kids Just Don't Sleep"

I think we all know that my kid is not what you would classify "A good sleeper." I'm not going to go and recount how horrible my child is at sleeping. I try not to complain about it. I actually try not to think about it, since really... he's a pretty awesome kid. We have our highs, and we have our lows... but suffice it to say, 7pm-7am is not our reality. What we lack in the sleep department, we make up for in many other ways. And I get that...I really do. But the whole "My kid doesn't sleep well" thing is SO VERY isolating. (I know several of you are in this boat with me, I just wish you were geographically closer.) I'm so tired of people "giving me advice" or "offering solutions" because, trust me, we've tried it. Whatever it is, we've tried it. A friend sent me the link to this article (thanks Leigh!) and I thought I would share it here. As well as this one. When I read these I had two thoughts. The first one was "It's not just me!" quickly followed by "Oh my god, it could have been so. much. worse." I'm so happy that I can look back and say that we're in a much better place than we were a year and a half ago, a year ago, or even six months ago. We've had some stretches of really good sleep, we've had some stretches that I've tried to block from my memory. But we're not in that dark place of sleep deprivation anymore. And I try to remember that every day we wake up after a not-so-great night.

We've found a program that works pretty well for us and Spencer. We evolve it as we need to, to reflect Spencer's needs as they progress. We're currently in a position where Spencer is up once at night (for varying amounts of time), and then up for the day at 5:30. Not horrible, but certainly not my ideal. About every two months, we test out little tweaks and see if they help, or if the make it worse. We've found some improvements, but we're still pretty much baseline at @7-8 hours of sleep at night (for him), and maybe an hour nap. (On a good day.)

And then... well, then we had last week. Last week we had a day that was pure bliss. Spencer not only slept through the night, he laid in bed and watched B@rney until almost 7am. He took a two hour nap. I repeat: A. Two. Hour. Nap. It was amazing. I was in awe at both of our high spirits throughout the day. I was amazed at how everything worked better. I ended the day feeling like I had kicked some major parenting butt. While I will not say it was easy... it was much, much easier. It was as though I had a glimpse of what life could be like. It was nice. Really nice.

Unfortunately, that was a one-hit wonder it seems. That's ok. I'm coming to terms with the fact that some kids just don't sleep. They're high-energy, low-sleep programmed... and it's ok. I've stopped hoping for that "magical point" where the "switch flips" and they just start sleeping like little logs. And, I'm almost over being bitter about the whole sleep thing. Almost.

Some kids just don't sleep. Mine is one of them. And it's O.K.

And if I ever forget that, I just need to look back on this blog, or read the above article, and I'll remember to appreciate what I do have... not complain about what I don't.