Project 365 : Week Four

Week Four! And to date, thirty days shot. One month down... 11 to go! OK, now that I've gotten that off my chest...

I'm thinking two things. One, I may change my layouts up a bit. While I love the look of these collage pages, another look has caught my eye. What can I say, I'm fickle.

Two, I've been thinking a lot about what I want this project to represent when it's finished. (I mentioned that last week as well, I know.) I've been trying to come up with a overarching theme... so that at the end of the year, it all comes together. I keep coming back to the idea of moments. Because almost every single shot is a moment in time. Not necessarily the most important moment of the day, or the most memorable... but moments of peace, beauty, stillness, quiet, fun, silliness... the list goes on. And every one I can remember exactly what I was thinking and feeling at that moment. Very few shots actually represent what we were doing on the actual day, but every one represents a moment in time. So that's what I'm working with here. I may actually change my journaling to reflect that... but that might be crazy-talk too. I have a whole 28 other backlogged posts to get up!

So there you have it. My weekly page, and my thoughts. Happy Sunday y'all!