The Big 3-0

{Guess who's 2 and a half?!}


{This guy!}


Lately, Spencer has been amazing us with his development. As I sat down to write this post, I realized that he's changing on a daily—sometimes hourly—basis... so it's hard to write an update. So instead, I'm going with a few stats, and a bunch of random tidbits... and a whole lot of photos, of course.

Spencer is still a tiny tornado. Just over 33" high and 24 lbs.

30months-7 30months-14

The biggest news is that Spencer is potty trained. We had two accidents on day one, one on day two, and that was it. Done deal. I'm hesitant to write that, since I fear we are going to have a set-back or something... but it's going really well. We've been out to lots of places, and have yet to have an issue. We got lucky. Really lucky. I'm definitely thanking the "potty gods."

A funny potty story. We were out at Bertucc!s one day, and he needed to go potty. So we hustle into the ladies room and he does his thing. After going he exclaims (very loudly) "Yay Spencer! Good Job!" That resulted in lots of giggles from the other stalls, as well as some smiles as we walked back to the table. Clearly, there was a lot of that going on at home when he went potty.

30months-12 30months-15

He's a jumping machine. He likes to jump up and down, off of things, from one thing to another, over things. He likes to stack up blocks and see how many he can get over.... a future hurdler maybe?!

Besides jumping, he's constantly on the go. I mean constantly. It's exhausting. And his agility is insane. I plan on looking into some athletic classes soon. One, to burn energy, and two as a way to actually harness all of this energy into good.

30months-18 30months-20

Spencer is very sweet and cuddly right now. He loves to "cuggle" before bed and will randomly come over to me during the day for hugs and kisses. He's also become aware of the absence of people. He'll often tell me he "Miss Daddy" or ask "When Daddy back?" And he's also at the point where you can hurt his feelings (sometimes), and a hug and a back rub is required to make him feel better.


On the other hand, he can also be a mini teenager... complete with the attitude. He's got this funky rock-n-roll 'tude going lately which is equally hysterical and infuriating. My favorite is when he's "working" on the iPhone and he needs me to "Hang on Mama - I busy." I also enjoy being told to "chill" when I raise my voice. Oh. Boy. I am in huge trouble when he actually is a teenager. Kelly C. summed it up perfectly when she called him a teedler... cause he's totally a teenager caught in a toddler's body. Oh, and his favorite song right now (besides all things Camp Rock) is by Flo R!der. Seriously.

Speaking of music, Spencer is really into it right now. He loves pretty much any kind of music, but considering his love for Camp Rock 2, I'd say that the soundtrack for that leads the pack ... by a long shot. He often gets his "sticks" and drums along with some of the songs, and recently I've noticed him paying a lot of attention to the guitars. He enjoys playing any piano he comes across and I've thought many times about enrolling him for some sort of music lesson. Then I remember he's 2.

Besides playing music, he also loves to dance to music. He even has different styles he's named the "Robot" the "Bop" and the "Bounce."

30months-42 30months-40 30months-41

He knows a "couple," a "few," and "many"... but can't, or won't, count. His counting sounds like this: 1,2,1,2,1,2. He can identify amounts though and will correctly tell you there are three trucks, five m&ms, or seven balls. So I guess he can count. But don't expect him to count them out loud for you.


He is learning how to spell his name. he's got "s-p-e" down. Then he makes up the rest. He also likes to "write" it out. He'll ask me to spell it for him while he writes it. And by "writing," I mean random marks on the paper. I guarantee you he cannot identify any letters on sight. We're working on the alphabet. It's not going so well. We're also working on colors. Again, not going so well. On the other hand... he can identify any piece of construction equipment, vehicles of all kinds, and oodles of animals... I guess we know where his priorities lie.

30months-28 30months-22

He's very into being "Like Mama" or "Like Daddy." We often hear things to the effect of "Cereal too. Like Mama!" or he'll pull out his laptop and "Workin... Like Dada" He's also been known to change his outfit to coordinate better... or run off to find a bag to carry his "stuff" in. He also wants to have the same routine as us. He brushes his teeth right along side of me, requests makeup and deodorant, and even has his own shaving kit... that he adores.

He's really getting into independent play, as long as I am watching him. Go figure. He loves to "cook," play "shopping," play trains and trucks, and "do blocks" (duplos and foam). He's finally realized that stacking is cool, and builds towers all day long with his foam blocks and his duplos. He and Doug have built duplo towers taller than Doug... and the pleased squeal Spencer lets out is adorable. He's also on a kick where he likes to take his C@rs duplos and make them into "monster trucks" by stacking blocks between the "shells" and the wheels.

30months-16 30months-25

He loves, loves, loves doing chores and cleaning up. On his terms of course. But really, we're in a great spot with this right now. He gladly helps put his toys away, and he'd happily vacuum or mop all day long if he could. It's awesome. Sometimes, I don't need all of his help, but it's great to hand him a duster, or the vacuum when I need the distraction.

He's also really kicked it up with his imagination. He makes up stories and scenarios while he's playing, and many times, he re-enacts events while playing. It's fun to listen to his dialogue since it's a great insight into what is impacting him, and how much he really "catches" when we're just doing our thing. (It's also a great way to find out what he does at school!) The best part though, is seeing his memory in action. He talks about things that happened last June! Wow.

30months-34 30months-35

While we are talking about dialogue... Spencer is very talkative. Very. There are days where there is a constant dialogue going. As in non-stop chatter. Some days, it's fun and entertaining. Other days, he gets hung up on a desire/want/need and spends the majority of the day asking for that. For example, it's not unheard of to hear "Milk. Milk. Milk. Milk. Mama, Milk. Milk. Milk. Please. Mama. Milk. Now. Pleeeeeeaaasssseeee. Milk. MILK! Miiiiilllllkkkk. Milk. Milk." for over an hour at a time. Those are very, very long days. On the flip side, he's starting to string more and more words together, so it's easier to have full conversations with him now. Even if they sometimes sound like you're talking to Yoda. For example: "Get the pail, Spencer will." Tonight he told me "Mama Stay. Dots blankie, Spencer get it. Be right back." It's fun to hear these little things. And his actual vocabulary blows us away. And the rate at which he's acquiring words is mind-blowing. I feel like he's going to wake up one day and be talking like a kid instead of a toddler, and that is a little sad.

Every night I wish him Sweet Dreams and tell him I love him. He's now started yelling to me as I leave the room "Sweet dreams! Love you!" Melts. My. Heart.

Of course, he also "tucks" his engines into the roundhouse and his cars into the carry case with a kiss and a "Sweet Dreams! Love you!" as well. Each and every one. It can take a loooong time to get everyone tucked away.

He's got the term "minutes" down pat. He tells me "couple more minutes" all the time when it's time to switch gears from something he's enjoying to something he doesn't enjoy as much. Playing to eating, bath time to bed time. He also tells me "five minutes" when he doesn't want to turn off the movie. And he tells me "no more minutes" when he is DONE with something. Or when he wants me to be done with something. "Mama, no more computer. All done. No more minutes!"

He refers to himself as "Spencer," "Self," and "Handsome." We often hear him praise himself for doing something with the term "Good Boy!" And we also hear him reprimand Roxy if he doesn't like what she is doing with "Bad Boy!"

30months-31 30months-33

He's doing really well eating lately. He has actually been sitting and eating meals, which is amazing. That's all I am going to say about that for fear I may jinx it.

30months-30 30months-11 30months-9

Now, don't get me wrong... we have our fair share of struggles as well. Spencer is a spirited, tenacious little kid... and there are days where we see a whole lot of the "talking chair" and the "time out" area. Luckily, he really isn't one to throw tantrums, but when he does... whoa boy. It's rough. And sleep, oh sleep. We get what we get... and I make sure to always have a supply of coffee in the house. Enough said on that one. I'm sure there are other negatives I could come up with, but that's not what this post is about. Just wanted to make sure everyone realized he isn't perfect. Just perfectly Spencer.


I know I said this at two... and I'll say it again now. I love this age. While it certainly has it's fair share of challenges... it's just a really fun age. I love the awe and wonder. The innocence. The discovery. I love watching him grow by leaps and bounds, and I could sit and watch his mind work figuring things out for hours. He's funny and smart... and a lot of times, enjoyable to be around. It's just, well, awesome. I hear three is a whole lot harder, so I'm definitely planning on enjoying these next six months to the fullest with him.

30months-37 30months-38

{Happy 2.5 Spencer!}