"Amp Wock"

Most little boys Spencer's age enjoy a certain genre of movies. This genre includes classics such as "Thom@s," "C@rs," and maybe even "T0y Story." These movies have been known to capture the attention of two-year-olds and hold them captive for the duration of the movie. Not Spencer. He could care less about these when they are on (much to our dismay). What does he go gaga for??? "Camp Rock!" (better known as "Amp Wock!" in our house) Yup, he goes ape over a movie that's not even targeting his demographic. A movie that also happens star the Jonas*Brothers. Not only is he crazy about a movie aimed at tween girls... He also acts like a tween girl who just met a Jonas*Brother when it starts playing. Want proof?! Here you go... {please note : you should turn your volume down (way, way down) before playing}