24 Hours Later

Twenty four hours after posting this:


This was happening in my house:


It's no secret that I had no problem with the idea of sending Spencer to kindergarten in diapers. Potty training is the one thing I have dreaded most in this parenting gig, and I've avoided it like the plague. When he started dressing himself a few months ago, my first thought was "oh no, there goes my last defense in avoiding potty training."  In fact, my sister has always said that Spencer would potty train himself. Little did she know...

On Friday morning, Spencer was adamant that he wear undah-ware-pants, and only undah-ware-pants. After a quick  down and dirty how-to from Emily, who has done this three times, we were ready to go. Or, he was at least. I was still in a state of "I can't believe this is happening to me!"

So, what happened?! "We" worked on potty training. And you know what?! It wasn't so bad. In fact, yesterday involved no accidents, and Spencer was dry all day. Now I just wait for the other shoe to drop. Cause really, I know it can't be this simple.