Friday Funnies & Some Yummies

toddler texting-2


This is how I discovered Spencer after turning around from doing something. It was all I could do to not break out laughing before I got the shot. And the shot? I love everything about it... the stance, the outfit, the untied shoe, the silly bands, the expression. My god, I think I caught a glimpse of future Spencer! My little texting toddler.


Spencer keeps us in stictches these days... he's *such* a character. Some of his favorite expressions are "oh maaaaan!," "i goofing around!," and "outta here!" as in "get outta there!" (huh, wonder where that one comes from?) The other night I could hear him talking in his room as he was falling asleep. He was telling Llama Llama that it was not ok to poop in your pants. After several reprimands (this must be coming from school since we haven't spoken about poop in the pants) he finally says to Llama, in a very dramatic voice, "Do you hear what I'm saying here?!" Really, I have no idea where in the world he comes up with this?! [wink]


Another funny is from last month. When Spencer and I were having the "Manger Story" as we call it, Spencer kept saying "And then the baby comes." And I kept responding "Not Yet!" After being constantly interrupted, I say "The Baby doesn't come until Christmas." Without missing a beat, Spencer responds "Right! Santa brings him!" Uhm, no. Looks like we need to work on the Nativity Story a little more next year. Although, in my defense... I think "Elf" confused the situation, cause Santa does return to the North Pole with a baby!


Speaking of Santa (holiday posts going up over the weekend)... Spencer has yet to realize Santa doesn't come at his beck and call. Twice now Spencer has decided he wanted something, declared Santa would bring it, completed the process with a "PLLLLEEEEAAAASSSEEEE!!!!" Then run over to check under the tree.


Apparently, when he thinks he's doing something worthwhile—or cute—at school, he tells the teachers to "take a picture." Hmmm...


Speaking of pictures, the reason Spencer was in the tie and dress shirt was because I was attempting to get a good shot for his (quickly approaching) 30 month post. He was too goofy to get a good shot, but we did get some cute outtakes:

outdoor-portraits outdoor-portraits-2 outdoor-portraits-3

{OK, this might be a keeper...}


{Taking time to "smell the roses"}

outdoor-portraits-5 outdoor-portraits-6

{I saw a lot of this...}


{...and this. Notice the tongue?! Please note, he's hopping. Cause I asked him not to run.}


... onto the yummies!

I mentioned in my "improvements" post that I wanted to get into the kitchen. My friend Melissa has been raving about the Pioneer Woman Beef Drip Sandwiches, so I decided to make those top priority. I prepared them along with her recipe for Smashed Potatoes this week. Oh. My. Word. I think I died and went to heaven. The Beef Drip/Dip sandwiches were to die for... and the smashed potatoes?! YUM. The best part was that both recipes were really easy to make. Even with a toddler under foot. I did a horrible job with the photography... but here's what my plate looked like:

dripbeef_smashpotatoes-2 dripbeef_smashpotatoes dripbeef_smashpotatoes-3 dripbeef_smashpotatoes-4

I may or may not have licked my plate. That's all I'm saying. I think it's safe to say these will both show up again! And now I'm hungry.

I hope you all have a wonderful Friday and a fabulous weekend!