"Yes, Virginia, there is a Santa Claus." This is, hands down, the best editorial writing I have ever read. It never ceases to fill me with love, hope, and happiness. Which is perhaps why a portion of it hangs in my home.


By now, I think you all know we are big fans of Santa in this house. And it goes way beyond the presents and the goodies he leaves. It's also about the magic. The spirit. The goodwill. I think this quest I go on every year to find the magical moments, small and large, throughout the season is in part due to the spirit of Santa. The magic that he brings to all of us. I love how the flash of red fabric and white fur trim bring excitement and anticipation. I love how a jingling bell means so much more during this time of year. And I love that anything seems possible right now.


Now, don't get me wrong. He also brings presents. (And according to a memo I received from the North Pole, I'm to leave a big spot in front of the tree this year. Huh.) For Spencer, the presents come in a more tangible form. I happen to know that Spencer's letter to Santa consisted of requests for choo choos and trucks and engines. But I'm ok with that. For one, he's a child. For another, he's also been very giving this season. Happily choosing presents for those less fortunate, and placing them in the designated boxes without so much as a whimper. While I know he doesn't fully understand it, he gets it enough to request to "buy for the box" when we are in the toy section of T@rget. The spirit of Santa, already being instilled. It makes my heart swell.

believe-3 believe

On the other hand, my letters to Santa tend to consist of intangibles. Requests for peace, both worldwide and within my soul. Requests for patience, and confidence, in my role as Mama. Health and happiness. The ability to recognize when I've "done good" on something, not only when "I could do better." And, somehow, the request for the winning lottery numbers also makes it into my letter. Funny, that.

believe-4 believe-2 believe-5

So, yes, there is a Santa Claus. And until someone tells me differently, we will believe in him and celebrate him and cherish all that he stands for.

He lives and he lives... forever.

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