Wait, what happened?!

We hit the "that's not very merry" part of the holidays, that's what. What that entails is lots of illness (acute sinus infection for me, stomach flu for Spencer), the death of a family friend, and some other icky things I'd rather not share on a public blog. So, I'm feeling very behind all of a sudden in all aspects of my life (forgive me as I catch up). I've thrown my pity party to a few friends, and now I feel I need to focus on the positive. So here's to looking at the silver lining: *

Hopefully, all illness is out of our house until after the holidays. We've paid our dues!


Due to the constant sanitizing and cleaning over the past few illness-ridden days, my house is very clean.


I've been forced to relax, sit on the couch, and go to bed early....so I'm rather rested.


Since we were home sick, I managed to squeeze in a rush job from a former client... a nice way to offset some of the holiday bills.


I got to organize some photos, and make a list of all the blog posts I still need to catch up on. (Watch out for me in January!)


AND Spencer had his first haircut where there were no tears... at all! In hindsight, it's probably because he wasn't feeling well... but honestly, I'll take it. I much prefer the Spencer that sits in the chair, looking in the mirror, saying "Handsome!" over the Spencer that is screaming bloody murder.


And, just some random photos...

I'll post the "official" holiday card soon, but for now, here are some photos that were not on the card:

not-the-xmas-card-2 not-the-xmas-card-4 not-the-xmas-card-9 not-the-xmas-card-11 not-the-xmas-card-13

And the only shots I really got from the tree farm:


{I need a good hiking stick!}


{OK, let's go!}


{Oooo, tractor!}



Now, bring on the merry!