Milk & Cookies with Santa

Our local zoo holds special events during the holiday season. Actually, they seem to hold special events for all holidays. Some of you may remember that we attended Boo at the Zoo with great success. On a whim, we signed up for Milk & Cookies with Santa. We figured that since Spencer is really into Santa this year, it would be a fun thing for him to do. And, if for some reason, we couldn't pull it off (no nap, cold, etc), it was no huge loss. Last Sunday, the stars aligned and we made it over... healthy and well-rested. Wow... We are so glad we made it! It was a great event, and one that Spencer can't stop talking about.


{The Spread...}




{and HUUUUGGGEEE decorations too!}


{Per the billing, we had milk...}


{and cookies...}


{... and more milk while waiting for Santa.}


{Just when "we" thought the wait could get no more torturous, he arrived!}


{Spencer patiently watched Santa make his rounds.}


{Even when he was right there...}


{And then he could resist no more... and we all heard "SANTA, HOLD YOU!"}


{Finally Spencer's turn...}


{Which he fully enjoyed.}

After Santa toured the room, we headed around the corner to a lecture room, where they had a display of all sorts of holiday decorations...

santa-milk_n_cookies-13 santa-milk_n_cookies-14 santa-milk_n_cookies-2-2 santa-milk_n_cookies-3-2

And a special spot to have your "official" portrait taken with Santa:


Santa then asked Spencer if he had been a good little boy, and what he wanted for Christmas. Spencer had no tolerance for that line of questioning since he knew that a candy cane was in his future (along with a teddy bear). After claiming his "loot," we headed outside for the second part of the adventure (the fun just doesn't stop people)!

A special train ride around the zoo...


{A train ride + candy = pure bliss}


{And this is where the cows live...}

{Have I mentioned Spencer has the whole layout of the zoo memorized? Sad, but true. Down to how many animals should be in certain areas.}

And lastly, a carousel ride:

santa-milk_n_cookies-6-2 santa-milk_n_cookies-7-2

All in all, a great outing. Holiday cheer, but not too "intense" ... unique ... fun ... and at the zoo! What more could Spencer ask for?!