Spirit of the Season

{I'm trying to catch up on reading blogs, but I just felt I needed to post again so I could clear up some space in my brain.} Wow, I can't believe it's been five days since I last posted! Well, I guess I can... but I have so many fun things to post about! Sigh. We're sick here ... again. Super annoying. I'm actually not surprised since I knew this was going to happen with daycare.  And honestly, I'm glad to be building up the immune system... but I'm really tired of being sore from coughing. So, there's that. Moving on...

It's really beginning to feel a lot like Christmas here. And that's not because I have a huge honkin' pile of presents in the living room. (How does that happen anyway?!) It's crisp and cold outside... lights are sparkling everywhere (except at our house... that must be remedied) and there are lots of fun activities going on. Not only that, the spirit of the season seems to have arrived as well. I always try to stop and appreciate the small gestures of goodwill that seem to permeate this month. Here's a few of my favorite moments for the week:

We've been doing a lot of donating to the S@lvation Army lately. Partly due to the house being on the market, and partly because we're going through a "life purge." During one of my drop-offs, I mentioned to the kid (and I do mean kid) that my next stop was finding the closest Dunk!n' Donuts for a coffee. He paused, and told me the closest one was actually across the street and down two blocks, but to watch closely since it was set back a little. He then proceeded to ask me if I wanted a coupon for a free donut with a coffee purchase. As he was asking, he pulled the coupon out and handed it to me. It was clearly one that had come in a circular, that he took the time to cut out. At first I declined, but he insisted. I gladly accepted, and told him he made our day since Spencer was probably getting the donut. Gestures such as these always touch my heart, especially when they are done by teenagers.


I've also had a lot of doors opened for me lately. My favorite door holder was the five-year-old on his way to see Santa. He was dressed to the nines, "Cause you gotta make a good impression." You could tell it was taking all of his strength to hold open the door... but he was insistent. The cynical part of me thinks "Last ditch effort to get on the nice list?" And the nicer side of me just appreciates the age where little ones always want to help.


While trying to pick out some bows at the store, Spencer was doing his best to end up on the "naughty" list. I get it. The bows are right near the shiny ornaments. I can't leave my cart in the center of the aisle since everyone's trying to get by. So those pretty, shiny ornaments are right . there . Calling to be touched. It's really hard to let them be. After I caught the fourth missile that happened to be shaped like a snowflake, my salvation showed up. A woman slightly older than me came up and said "You decide, I'll distract." And she did. For ten minutes while I picked out my package of bows (yes, I realize that was too long for me to decide... if you get a gift from us, it would be wise to appreciate the bow... okay?!) she stood and played games with Spencer. It rocked. It also reset the tone of our shopping trip. That in itself is a gift these days.


And lastly, a Spencer story. Spencer wants to be a Salvation Army bell ringer. Solely because he thinks they get to keep all the money that goes in the kettles. Seriously. We saw our first bell ringer recently and Spencer thought it was awesome. Then he realized that people were putting money in those red kettles. After several failed attempts to get the money out, he finagled his way into actually ringing the bell. Fanatically. While screaming at the people passing by "MONEY! GIVE IT! MONEY!" Surprisingly, it worked. And then he tried to get his cut by telling the official bell ringer to "dump it." [Meaning the kettle] Yeah, slightly mortifying. Luckily the bell ringer thought it was hysterical. Although, I'm pretty sure he thought he was getting punk'd at first. I kid you not. Maybe he's seen this video as well?!


I lied. I have one more funny Spencer story. We've been watching a lot of Elf here. (Thank you Krista for the recommendation!) A lot. Like once a day. For those of you who aren't familiar with the movie, there's a scene where Buddy (the Elf) exclaims "SANTA!!!! I KNOW HIM!!!" to which Spencer responds "ME TOO!!!" And he does. Totally. They're almost like BFFs at this point:


{And yes, I realize I'm very lucky to have a kid this cool with the man in red. That's a little bit of holiday magic too.}

So there you have it. Little moments that make my season merry. Goodwill to men really does make the season brighter. [Geez, do you think I could include any more lyrics here? Obviously I need to pull back on the carols!] Have you had any moments?

'Til next time...