The Nativity

[Let me preface this post by saying that the nativity is one of my favorite parts of the season. I love nativity scenes, and it's truly Christmas when I see the first one. (Especially if it's a living Nativity.) We've talked with Spencer about the story of the manger and Christmas, and he's actually starting to get it, I think. So please don't think I'm being sacrilegious here. My intent is to inject some humor, and illustrate that Spencer is still a two-year-old.]


Yesterday, Spencer and I put up his nativity scene. We always talk about the story of Christmas when we set it up. (On a very high level of course) As we went along, I asked him questions and was pretty impressed that he was answering correctly part of the time. After it was all set up, Spencer declared it "self"s turn... and proceeded to set up his "party." When I asked if he meant nativity, he told me "no, party" followed by "dancin' and gifts." At that point, he held up one of the wise men as if to say "See Mama? Presents! Therefore, party." He proceeded to have a good old time playing "party."

When the dust cleared...


{Notice anything "odd" about this "party"?}




{Like the animals are inside...} {Although I guess technically he's correct here...}


{While the people have been literally thrown out on their faces?}

nativity-6 {Oh, I know... he was turning them away! See, he's totally listening to my story.}


{I felt a little better, I think, when Spencer told me that the baby was off to the side because "babies no party"}


{And it's never really a good party unless an angel has fallen.}


{I've saved the best for last. You'll notice the Asian doll has been elevated to "angel" status.}

{And don't think it wasn't intentional... I fixed it when Spencer wasn't looking...}


{And he quickly remedied the situation when he saw it.}


{What does he have against the angel?!}

*   *   *

It's funny, last year the Asian wise man held a special place in Spencer's heart. Apparently, he still does. Interesting.